Sex Workers Reveal “The Weirdest Kink” A Customer Has Asked Them To Fulfill

The world of kink is a big and diverse one. Though we’ve made progress with accepting and not “kink-shaming” people over their sexual fetishes (which is also why “weird kink” might be a bit problematic in itself), America is still a largely puritanical society and fetishes are still mostly an untalked about sort of thing.

That is probably why u/throwaway7113199 used a throwaway account, and also probably why their AskReddit question had over 45K upvotes within a week’s time. They asked: “Sex workers of Reddit, what’s the weirdest kink a customer has asked you to fulfill?”

The responses ranged from sort of funny (not weird kink-shaming! Just being objective!) to downright shocking. Take a look below at some of the weird kinks Reddit’s sex workers have encountered:

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Oh I also had a guy out of his mind on molly have me over for like 5 hours but had me arrive at midnight then proceeded to dress me in every Halloween costume he had ever worn and photograph me in pirate stuff, LOTR costume and a wizard w a large staff taller than I am.—u/DankMyco


Online only here: I had a man pay me $500 to sit on my feet in panties and a t shirt and turn my back to the camera and play video games while ignoring the camera. Worth.—u/KneelorFacetheWhip


In a special massage place, friend of a friend of a friend told me that one of her customer comes in regularly to get his ass cheek scratched for 1 hour.—u/bassibanezacura

weird kink, weird kinks, weird kinky things


A customer had a “fishing” fetish, got fisher outfits for some girls like a raincoat or some sh—t and brought a fishing rod, boots and all and the girls had to act like they were fishing him while he was laying on the floor and moved like a fish. Craziest sh—t I heard but whatever floats their boat I guess.—u/dumbfounded_dipsh—t


I was camming and a guy wanted to start a pay-per-minute camming show I agreed and just casually talked with him for a bit. Then to the weird part. He wanted me to lie in full view of the camera, completely still, like literally not move. I spent an about an hour just laying completely still and making no sound, I have no idea what he got out of it.—u/Violetsl—t


I think the strangest I’ve ever gotten was a man who had a huge fetish for Disney characters, and I’m not even talking just Disney princesses- he loved sh—t like Lilo and Stitch or Pooh Bear. He regularly paid me several hundred to dress up as his favorite characters and basically verbally abuse him. It was a sweet gig while it lasted, however strange. Nothing really surprises me anymore after that one.—u/lordmania


I’m a dancer in a club and I LOVE weird kink guys. Other than the doms, (I won’t get into that whole thing) Kinky guys trend to be pretty passive and tip well. Mostly I meet foot guys, cuckolds, men who wear women’s undergarments, and just overall subs who are open to whatever I’m into. After 15 years in the industry, I thought I’d heard it all. Then I met a guy who said he was into bones. As in, he bought a 45 minute room and just wanted to like, feel my skeleton. He was touching my collar bone and hips pretty hard. It wasn’t the most comfortable dance ever but he was so grateful to be acting out his fantasy and super respectful of me and my time. One of my favorite guys ever.—u/EatABowlOfSpiderwebs

weird kink, weird kinks, weird kinky things


I’m not a sex worker but the weirdest request I’ve had was on reddit from a guy offering me 50 dollars an hour to crush mealworms and insects with my feet. Oh, and the bugs would be supplied to me.—u/Far_Shift


One of my favorite customers at my restaurant is a SW and she always tells me stories in exchange for a free boba(shes also the best tipper). The best story shes told me is a guy paying her 200$ to just stand on his belly, nothing else just stand there fully clothed. Dude didn’t even j off or anything, and he made an appointment every time she was in town lol—u/Henry_Blazer


Was contacted by a couple different guys who wanted me to close-up record myself farting into a jar and ‘capturing it’, and then mail them the fart jar. I didn’t realize fart jars were in such demand.—u/daitoshi

weird kink, weird kinks, weird kinky things