Sex Workers Reveal “The Weirdest Kink” A Customer Has Asked Them To Fulfill


I use to sell a friend of mine sleeping pills. She had a client who liked them being injected to his d—ck and tried to f—k her before he went to sleep. Would take about 10 to 15 minutes before he crashed out she was always paid upfront and she would leave when he fell asleep. —u/-LaCeD


I was a cab driver for several years. Night shift, ghetto. Loved that job. I had a regular “escort” who always requested me… probably because I didn’t ask her for anything whilst driving her to her next john.

She’d go up into an apartment, house, or hotel room and have me wait. Sometimes a full hour, but rarely over 15 minutes. I never argued because waiting and a return trip keeps the meter running longer.

One time she came down after maybe 10 minutes. She looked half amused and half terrified. She said that the guy had her put on a mumu and an old lady wig, then yell at him while he took a sh—t and [EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: DURING] he jacked off. F—king weird. Freud would have something to say about that guy, no doubt.—u/theundercoverpapist

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I used to drive around prostitutes and do security for them. Very regularly, one of the girls would get a call from this guy who would have her show up in steel toe boots and kick him repeatedly in the d—ck and face as hard as she could. He paid her $200 to beat him until he passed out, usually 6 to 8 minutes. That became a once or twice a week thing for well over a year I was driving her.—u/denisbaldwin1980


Not a sex worker but I used to have a modeling page and I got a message through once asking me to take videos and pictures of me sitting on cakes ?? He tried to claim it was for charity. Excuse me sir, but your d—ck is not a charity.—u/eternal_aranel


I’ve only sex worked once when I didn’t have enough money for a night out. Guy paid me £250 for me to sit on his back naked for 3hrs. He didn’t do anything just laid there, no conversation whilst I watched tv. I felt like I’d ripped him off but he was very appreciative. There’s plenty of fetishes I don’t indulge but understand how people get off. But I struggle to understand what he was getting out of it. To each, their own.—u/Calvo7992


I was a receptionist in a “massage parlour”. Had a guy who would ring before atending to request that a girl take a cold bath before he got there. Apparently, he would ask them to lie completely still as if they were dead. If he caught them moving, he lost his mojo. Most of the girls only saw him once & refused him thereafter. Creepy.—u/Queen-of-Beans


A client pays me to teach him how to blow his nose properly, making sure to say key phrases like “blow it clear”. Another one setup a fantasy scenario where I receive an expensive vibrator in the mail but when I open it, discover a tiny man that’s stuck in it. He said “what you don’t know is that man was a factory worker that got stuck in the vibrator making it!” I was obviously confused where he wanted me to go with this but suggested I should try using the vibrator with the man attached. Nope. The client replied “I can’t cum unless you destroy it.”—u/MyAntiqueCans


Make a video where I’m sunbathing, and then I accidentally say “the magic words”, and then suddenly I get yucky slime dumped all over me. Did you ever wanna get slimed on Nickelodeon as a kid? Ya, me too. Guess what? It’s f—king gross.

Feels like getting barfed on and it stinks like sour milk. That smell didn’t leave my hair for a week! And if you’re interested in what that looks like, someone posted a gif from the video on here a few years ago.

Edit: found the gif: 🙈 —u/amiliaonyx


Nothing particularly exciting to be honest! Kind of disappointing! Slightly more interesting requests included:

Pretending to be married and having to be quiet so we didn’t wake the kids.

Armpit licking (surprisingly common)

Pretending to be a cat and meowing, crawling around and drinking out of a bowl on the floor.

Wearing pantyhose and being stretched and put into various yoga type poses while he sniffed me.—u/TheTipsyNurse1


I was paid $200 to kick/knee a customer in the balls till he came. Only took about 4 times to make him cum. Did it a few times. He even paid me $500 when I went out clubbing to do it in a corner of the club.—u/TrinityBlack13