Sex Workers Reveal “The Weirdest Kink” A Customer Has Asked Them To Fulfill


I think I might qualify as a one time sex worker. One night, after riding the subway home from work, a guy followed me off the train and offered to buy the shoes off my feet. He stammered through some nonsense about being a sneaker collector and paid me $450 in cash for my old, sweaty canvas Vans. Totally worth the 2 block walk home in my socks.—u/erikcore


I smoke cigars for fun and had a guy request to pay for a custom video of me trying to light a cigar with a broken lighter and get very annoyed that it won’t light. Specific!—u/hsbrax1


I’ve had men with a “financial domination” fetish. Basically they want you to steal their wallets or demand money. Easy peasy. They get off by having you control their money.—u/hopesickgirl

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I’m dude who did weird stuff during college to earn some extra cash. My job was to go to these afternoon parties organized by these filthy rich housewives and do catering service in our undies (undies were provided by the secret “friendship company”. If they would like us, they would put in a currency note of 50/100 in our undies and take a drank peak of the good stuff.

Once a woman asked me to assist her for “personal work” to earn more cash. I told her that I will not have sex for money. She told me that I will not be required to have sex. I got onboard.

She took me to a room, paid me 5k, just to watch her slowly undress and cry. I initially got scared as I thought she is framing me for rape. But she calmed me down and only asked me to watch. She slowly undressed herself while crying really loudly and then she lied on the floor naked bawling like a baby. There were actual tears and stuff. It was really sad for me, but 5k meant a lot during college days. Finally, she silently stood up, covered herself, went for shower while asking me to leave immediately.

She took my number and we made it a monthly routine. I was terrified every time she called me for the “work”. But I still did 7-8 sessions for the cash before I accepted that it’s too weird for me. I couldn’t sleep nicely for 2-3 nights after each experience. Not too fancy like other stuff here but weird af still.

TLDR: rich lady paid me to watch her undress while crying.—u/Aarvy271

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