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Ask Any Food Service Worker, Choosing Beggar Karens Are The Worst Kind (19 Pics)

It’s rough out there for service workers. The stories below run the gamut from refusal to pay to horrible one-star reviews. The stories come from  r/ChoosingBeggars over on Reddit and BOY are they rough.

1. Nightmare person

u/chassepatate / Reddit

2. So fast!


3. Angry Yelper


4. But I moved


5. Such a choosy beggar


6. Free brownie


7. SPECIFIC clawback


8. William D. Yikes.


9. Blogger wants money AND free food!


10. Review of a homeless shelter


11. Fake 1-Stars


12. ~*Exposure~*


13. Not Really Support, Then


14. Ugh, people


15. Free Pizza


16. I don’t believe this person took Econ for a SECOND.


17. Calls them out


18. Three stars because it wasn’t free


19. How restaurants work.