Choosing Beggar Bride Thinks She’s Entitled To Free Art For Her Wedding

There’s a reason for the “starving artist” stereotype and it’s because people feel they are entitled to free art. You know, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted work that a person devotes incredibly focused time and effort into making. Yeah, people actually think they are entitled to an artist’s time and output.

One artist is sharing their recent experience with a bride on the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars, which is devoted to sharing some very entitled behavior.

The Reddit post is a series of text message screenshots between the artist and the bride. The conversation starts out casual. Maybe a little too casual. The bride automatically assumes the artist knows who she is.

The bride saw images of wheelbarrows the artist created on a 3-D computer for their own wedding.

Cool, right? Yeah, it’s because a person designed it and turned it into a real-life thing!

The bride loved the decoration so much that she requested them at her upcoming wedding.

The artist obliged and asked how many she needed. “A lot.”

Due to the materials and time it takes to create the wheelbarrows, the artist gave her a heads up on cost.

For 250 wheelbarrows, it would typically be $3,000. Due to it being a bulk order, she even got a $1,000 discount. Not bad!

Well, she didn’t like it ONE BIT!

The artist tried to help her bring down the price with creative brainstorming, but she did not like that ONE BIT EITHER!

She asked for a real, even though the initial quote was a deal, which the artist pointed out.

Now here’s where the entitlement starts coming through strong. She wants a *better* deal.

And is using her wedding as an example of oppression.

Well, something tells us she is not going to like this breakdown.

The artist goes on with more materials and time breakdown.

Um, 55 days is a long time for a project!

So, because her order is so large, she’d also be taking up materials and time that the artist could be using for their income.

A testament to their customer service, the artist brainstorms other ways to lower the cost.

We don’t think she’s appreciative though.

Aaaand, we were right!

So, since this artist did a favor for their best friend, this stranger thinks she deserves one-of-a-kind art for free.

Got it.

You can view the post here.

Lead image: Flickr