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“What Has Your Child Done To Make You Think They Lived A Past Life?“—25 Parents Respond

Kids are weird. They do weird things, they say weird things, and sometimes you truly have to wonder where they’re getting their stories, information, and, er, their claims to past lives from. Whether they casually mention their time on the Titanic (!!!) or they spurt out some deep, dark family knowledge only your grandma could have known, you have to wonder: Who are you? 

The weird thing is that the topic of past lives isn’t anything new or abnormal; the idea is that kids are more in tune with it than us adults are, since we’ve learned to rationalize everything. Psychologists report on it just as much as so-called ‘weirdo hippies’ talk about it. So you never really know, do you?


Parents of Reddit, what has your child done to make you think they lived a past life? from r/AskReddit

Here are 25 parents’ creepy stories that really make you wonder if these kids are remembering something from centuries ago. Because they were someone else before. *Spine-tingles.* 


“He literally told me. He was 3 and pretending to run over his lego men. When asked to stop he said, “That’s how I died isn’t it?” “No, you’ve never died.” “Yes I have! When I was 2 last time. The car hit me, my other mummy cried then I came to you.”—NodgenodgeWinkwink


“My friend has a 4-year-old daughter who is very gregarious. Once when she was at the doctor for a routine checkup, she turns to the doctor and says, “One time my mommy lost me in the ocean!” the doctor looked alarmed and confused, and my friend was horrified and shocked since she had certainly not lost her daughter in the ocean.” — EFIW1560


“My friend had a miscarriage before she had her first daughter. A few years ago when her daughter was about 4 a group of us were at a party and her daughter was sitting on her lap and said something along the lines of “I’m sorry I left you before mommy. I was hurting really bad and I wasn’t ready.”

My friend asked her was she meant and her daughter said she left her before she was born but came back. Super creepy. The daughter doesn’t remember this conversation and still doesn’t know about the miscarriage.” — workbidness


“My three-year-old said, “I was your mom in heaven,” multiple times. When I was six weeks pregnant with her, my mom died unexpectedly the day she found out the secret that I was pregnant at 40 with what would be her last and 21st grandchild. We were going to surprise her on her 75th birthday, two weeks later, but a niece let the secret out.

When my girl was 4, we were looking through pictures boxes. I have no family pictures posted in my house. Later that night I realized my girl took three pictures of my mom and put then in her room. She’s never seen pictures of my mom before. I asked her why she took those pictures and she said, “because I’m pretty.”—capnvontrappswhistle


“My son used to be terrified to go to sleep. He would ask me repeatedly if he would wake up. For just over a year from when he was almost 3 to a bit over age four he would talk about how “last time, when he was a baby” he went to sleep but didn’t wake up. And he’d talk about how sad it was. And how he would miss me if he didn’t wake up.

He would repeat this every other night, but sometimes would give no details and other times he would give me more details. He was so little the details were hard to get. He would say he loved me and would never forget me. He’d be surprised in the morning and very excited that “he woke up this time!”. He’d comment about techniques to make sure he woke up (which were very strange kid things like, “remember my toy truck”. It was really really sad. He’s seven now and remembers nothing.”—keurigirl


“When I was 3 I told my dad I used to live in Ohio before living with him. All these interesting stories and I’m just that guy from Ohio.” —username deleted


“My grandmother passed away about 10 years ago. We were very close and my whole life she always told me that she would be my guardian angel after she died. When my daughter, now 5 was about 3 she had terrible night terrors and would have a hard time going to sleep. I would spend the evenings with her comforting her to help her get to sleep, reading books, talking to her, etc.

One night we were talking about what do you want to be when you grow up. She kept telling me that she used to be a grown-up. After prying and asking what she meant, she told me that when she was a grown-up she used to be my grandma. She then told me a story about when I was young, I had an accident and was burned when helping her cook dinner. It’s something that I never told her but did actually happen. It completely creeped me out at first, and she has never really mentioned anything else like that since.”—djhankb


“I have a few, all the same kid. First, when my son was 3, he told me that he was once kidnapped and the police accidentally shot and killed him when they were trying to rescue him. When he turned five he told me he had never made it this far. Also when he was five, we drove past my grandparent’s old house, they have been gone 16 & 18 years now. He told me “I used to play in that house with Pappy (my dad) when I was little, except the house used to be white” The house did indeed used to be white and it had been painted and ugly gray. My dad also had 9 siblings, three of whom died in infancy. “—4theloveoffiber


“I’ve only ever shared with a few people, how my late mother regularly hid a packet of biscuits (usually chocolate digestives) from my brothers and I, so when we had visitors, there was always some biscuits to go with a cup of tea (how it’s done in Britain). I once caught my daughter stuffing a packet of biscuits in the back of a cupboard behind a big bag of pasta. At the time, I thought, “crafty cow wants them for herself” but left them there to see if they’d disappear. Maybe for a teaching moment about not being selfish or something. They didn’t disappear but reappeared when some friends came over. She just waltzed out of the kitchen, just as my mother used to, opening a packet of biscuits. She never knew my mother and I’m pretty certain nobody else would have encouraged this pretty specific behavior.”—His_Name_Was_Lola


I’ve posted this before but: My daughter, right before she turned 5, was in our hall in the middle of the night, still asleep, whimpering and crying. I got her to come lay down with me and when I asked her what the dream was, she got very upset and said: “it wasn’t a dream I remembered”. She told me she remembered when she was a bad dog, and they made her go to sleep. I asked her about it again later and she got very upset, said she was a bad dog and started crying saying she didn’t want to remember it again. She has no idea what it means to put a dog down, let alone that it is what happens to “bad dogs.” –Leather_and_Lead