25 People Who Are Already Having A Much Worse 2023 Than You

If you think your 2023 is off to a rough start, these 25 people who are having a horrible 2023 are here to remind you you’re not alone. These first two months of the year have been grueling for some, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel! Right?

Well, despite what may happen, all we can do is appreciate the “now”. Even when “the now” consists of us thanking our higher power that these 25 things didn’t happen to us. Try not to grimace too much as you check them out below.

Here are 25 horrible things that happened to unfortunate people in 2023.

1. This person tried on someone else’s ring and got it stuck.

“Never try someone else’s rings.” –u/Alarming-Divide3659

2. This person’s ex, who owes them $30k, scolds them and then hits the “block” button.

“My ex who owes me close to 30k last texts to me before blocking me completely.” –u/g0atyy

3. This worker received a mint for increasing sales by $6,000,000.

“Congratulations!” –u/Lilgermanboy321

4. This person who discovered they couldn’t even get on their phone in peace at work.

“This mirrored ceiling in our bathroom at work.” –u/Twin_Circle_

5. This Airbnb renter got their place specifically for the bath when this happened.

“Got an Airbnb just for the tub…” –u/LOTR_crew

6. Airport security ruined this guy’s new shoes.

“Am I overreacting?” –u/TinThuta

7. The first victims of Netflix’s new password-sharing rule.

“Netflix rolled out their Bullsh*t in Canada.” –u/apersonthingy

people having horrible 2023

8. This person’s car was hit by a flying dining room chair in the middle of the highway.

“A dining room chair fell on my car on the highway and nearly unalived me in some final destination sh*t.” –u/Vix1972

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9. This person’s car was crushed by a falling tree.

“A tree fell on my Cadillac.” –u/MasterPPbokchoypimp

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10. This tenant doesn’t have hot water and is about to lose their home.

“UPDATE: Landlord now threatening eviction after I decided to withhold rent because they haven’t fixed the hot water problem they’ve been aware of since December.” –u/cringyfloot

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11. This worker wasted hundreds of dollars because of prank callers.

“This is happening to the Pizza Hut in my town. Just why would anyone do this?” –u/Lazy_Mouse3803

people having horrible 2023

12. This person forgot the difference between dish soap and dishwashing soap.

“Well.. Dish soap is not meant for the dishwasher I guess.” –u/CasuallyWorn

people having horrible 2023

13. This person shattered their phone a few hours after buying it.

“Phone purchased at 10:20 am, black ice got me at 1:30 pm.” –u/people_talking

people having horrible 2023

14. Dunkin’ decided to sacrifice this worker for a donut.

“Boss telling me to close in -40F.” –u/Super_Kent155

people having horrible 2023

15. This person lost their fiance to a dog.

“Roger ate my friend’s engagement ring along with half a TV remote. (Ring has been recovered, dog is fine)” –u/DillyDallyin

people having horrible 2023

16. This person’s Amazon Fresh deliverer was feeling extra mischievous.

“Not sure if this is the right subreddit but a bottle of human urine was in my Amazon Fresh order.” –

people having horrible 2023

17. You think spilling some ketchup in your car is bad? Try an entire can of paint.

“Fantastic, how’s your day going?” –u/danaldorini123

people having horrible 2023

18. This UberEats customer who can’t get a refund, despite their order being wrong.

“Uber Eats refusing to refund a dessert that was not delivered.” –u/Jussttjustin

people having horrible 2023

19. This aspiring chef’s unfortunate cooking dilemma.

“This is why I don’t cook.” –u/eo326

people having horrible 2023

20. This person has to pay for other people’s Wi-Fi as well as their own.

“I am getting my own internet set up today and my landlord texted this to me.” –u/PrisonerNumberOne

people having horrible 2023

21. This guy discovered some not-so-good messages on his girlfriend’s phone.

“This text between my girlfriend and her best friend right before they went to a party together, I’m Elijah btw, and her phone conveniently died that night too” –u/A_complicated_thing

people having horrible 2023

22. This person whose washing machine decided to stop working in the middle of a load.

“Washing machine decided to eat itself…” –u/nomaddd79

people having horrible 2023

23. This person whose professor doesn’t understand the concept of a “due date.”

people having horrible 2023

24. This person whose job has the most horrible bathroom rules.

people having horrible 2023

25. This person whose power went out at the worst time imaginable.

“My building charges $5 to do laundry. The power went out perfectly timed so that all 3 of my loads were soaked, and currently, I have no idea what to do.” –u/LonesomeSammy

people having horrible 2023