Security Guard Asks If He’s Wrong For Coming “Just On Time” To Work And The Internet Answers

Every employer should be careful right now because there’s a mass exodus from work in general right now. People are tired of being treated like garbage at work, but not all jobs are the same. 

Enter this security guard who asked Reddit: “Am I the a**hole for coming into work “just on time”? From the title alone, I’d say you can’t be a jerk for coming in on time but maybe there’s more to the story. 

After he told his story, people were happy to respond.

Here is the story of a worker who asked “am I a jerk for coming to work on time and no earlier?”:

Here’s the whole story:

I work as a security guard. I was scheduled to start working at this new store today, starting from 10 AM – which I guess is when the store opens. I get there at exactly 10 AM and ask to place my belongings in the backroom. I was in the room for a few minutes max and then came back out to man the door. However, at that time I guess many customers had already come in and one of the sales staff had to play security.

Seems like this might turn ugly.

On my lunch break, the manager of the store approached me and asked if next time I could come a little bit earlier next time so that by the time I put all my belongings down I can be in front of the store at 10 AM. I told her no, that if I’m rostered to start at 10 AM then I will show up at 10 AM, and that if they want me to come earlier then the store would have to arrange that with the security company.

I’m not getting paid to come earlier so I really don’t see why I’m required to.

Good for you for putting your foot down.

She got huffy with me and said that the sales staff aren’t trained to be security, and with the popularity of the store every morning there will be people lining up waiting to go inside and that I needed to be here earlier because of that. She said that it really wasn’t hard to come a few minutes earlier and that it wasn’t fair to come “just on time”. I know it’s not hard to come a little earlier, but I feel it’s more about the principle – if you want someone to come earlier then make that clear through the hours.

I told her such and she just sighed and walked away. We didn’t talk for the rest of the day.

So… is he the jerk? Reddit answered:

1. Shockingly, many people sided with the employer.

2. However, some disagree with that assessment.

3. Do the crime, pay the time (the crime is having a job).

4. Pay someone fairly but also do your job.

5. Another person siding with the boss.

6. Some think it’s nuanced.

7. Finally, someone I agree with.

8. When you stand up for your rights, people will be mad.

9. On company time? Who cares?

10. Stockholm syndrome.

11. Pay the man!

It’s sort of an even split. I’m honestly shocked. What do you think?

h/t Reddit: r/AITA