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25 Tattoo Artists Reveal The ‘Unique’ Tattoo Ideas They’re Sick To Death Of Doing


Idk but 20 years from now there’s gonna be a lotta old people with mandala tattoos and tree silhouettes —hatsnatcher23


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Asked my buddy. He said, “if I have to do another goddamn Latin paragraph on a chick’s ribs, I’m gonna shoot my brains out!” Ironically, he was doing one on his GF at the time he told me… —epyonk666


Clocks —Ringrar


Basically anything from Pinterest. Bird silhouettes, live laugh love, infinity symbols, etc —venttresstheslut


Mine told me he is refusing to do anymore forests around someone’s arm. —85on31


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I have a couple chemistry tattoos and my artist made a comment about girls getting dopamine, serotonin, & oxytocin with the word happiness. Seemed like he might have done a few too many. —SPECTRE-Agent-No-13


Not an artist, but the tattoo shop I go to back home in the Caribbean has a running tally of how many times they have to tattoo palm trees on girls ankles —tonikyat


Fucking crowns omg do I f—king hate crowns… with that being said… I did one tonight —hazard0666


My first tattoo artist said he refused to do anything gang related, racist, or the Tazmanian Devil. —calculuzz


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I apprenticed in a shop but had to move before I was able to start tattooing myself. What I noticed personally is the artists in the shop weren’t necessarily tired of doing the same designs as the personality of people getting them. Such as, “guy who thinks he has a crazy pain tolerance but almost passes out,” “girl/guy who freaks her/himself out to the point of shaking/puking and backs out at the last minute,” and really anyone who could use attention to hygiene. The list goes on and on. —emilereee