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25 Tattoo Artists Reveal The ‘Unique’ Tattoo Ideas They’re Sick To Death Of Doing


Nautical sleeves. I’m from an island and f—k is it brutal trying to make it “unique” when every fifth person has one. Anchors compasses maps etc. Feathers and pocketwatches are close seconds —unaria77


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I hate when couples get each others names tattooed on each others arm and crap because then like 2 weeks later the dude will come back for a cover up becuase they broke up, it drives me up the wall. —gugiee


I see a lot of people with the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows symbol. Overdone yet? —Peter_Puppy


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Not me, but my sister. It’s not a specific thing, but she hates when people want tattoos with too many ideas in it, and by that I mean, for example, a lord of the rings character holding a lightsaber while fighting a dementor on a velociraptor with a banner that says clever girl. Or like minnie mouse holding a football team’s logo in front of her while also being within a pink cancer ribbon but wanting the image too small. Small enough that it wouldnt even look good with how much detail it would need. —Stalhound


Late to the party, and my first tattoo was a tramp stamp on my 21st birthday, but one of the things my 2004 tattooist told me was that he was doing at least one Godsmack sun a day, a design from whatever album they had out at the time, and as I was sitting there getting tatted, a dude walks in asking for that exact thing. I busted out laughing, but my guy was professional. He told him he would do it but that he would feel more comfortable doing something more custom. The guy didn’t sway, though, and after I finished up, dude got himself a Godsmack tattoo. —SassafrassMcGee

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