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30 Waiters Share The “Valentine’s Day Disasters” They’ve Witnessed

If you are bummed about being single on the most romantic day of the year, read the answers to this question on r/AskReddit started by u/Hamsternoir. It will make you glad that all you have to do tonight is make popcorn and watch Netflix.


They asked, “Waiters: what Valentine’s day disasters have you witnessed?”

Based on the replies, Valentine’s Day is mostly disasters. Maybe it’s the high stress of trying to have a “special” romantic evening, maybe it’s the rich food, maybe it’s the fact that so, so many people think it’s a good idea to surprise propose after just a few months of dating. Whatever the reason, this holiday is a minefield. be careful out there. Love is wild.


There was a note in our reservations that it was an engagement, they wanted champagne, a specific seat, bunch of other stuff. The server comes up to the table with something like “so I read we’re celebrating an engagement, congratulations”. Confusion from the woman; glaring from the guy. He hadn’t proposed yet. She ruined it. —ChefHannibal


They came in at lunch the day after, so it was pretty empty but it was still for a Valentine’s Day date. They were both pretty nice at the beginning, the guy asked for a picture and whatnot. As the meal went on, the dude got progressively drunker and by the time I brought the check out, the woman was gone. When the dude gave me his card, he said “I’ll give you a bit of advice. If you’re taking a girl out to break up with her, do it at a McDonald’s and not an expensive restaurant”. —_StanleyYelnats


A nice lady brought her kid in for dinner. Got seated at a table next to her husband and his mistress.—me-gusta-la-tortuga


He proposed, she said no. He cried and tried to change her mind for 20 minutes while she sat there stony-faced. She finally got up and walked out. He paid and left in tears. —SpinachandChickpeas


These two were on a date and the guy went to go use the bathroom, The girl just up and leaves after he went to the restroom. When the guy came back he sat around for awhile until asking his waitress where she went. She replied with saying that she left. The guy then asked the waitress if she would go on a date with him. The waitress said no. —OffensiveGender


I had a section one V-day that had a marriage proposal, a 40th anniversary, and a break up all at the same time. The break up was the worst. The guy brought his high class date a gift; a mini ceramic bear holding balloons. He presented it when I was at the table and she looked at it like it was a hot turd. I just knew this was not going to end well. She left at the end of the meal and must have said something because he stayed at the table for another 40 minutes, head down and crying. I felt bad, he saw the celebrations going on at the other tables.—Odd-Examination


I was eating in a fine dining establishment (Chili’s) several years ago. In the next booth was a really young guy who had a big bunch of roses on the seat next to him.

He kept looking at his watch, looking at the roses, and popping open a ring box for a peek at the ring.

He did this for a half hour or so, then began calling and texting someone (presumably his girlfriend) over and over.

As we were waiting for our check, he hands my wife the roses, mumbled something, and walked out.

Poor guy.

Edit: I don’t consider Chili’s a fine dining experience. My wife and I had done some shopping and stopped off for a burger and beer afterwards. —AZScienceTeacher


I used to be a waiter in a 5 star restaurant it was my first week. One guy was about to propose it was obvious by how much he was sweating he was drenched. I tried to make them both relax. They went on to finish up their meal. As soon as the cake arrived he then went on one knee, she stood up suddenly he vomited right on her high heels. After the shock of what just happened she still ended up saying yes —KindSoul1


Not a waiter but I was a pastry chef at this big resort in cape cod. We got a special order from this guy who was coming in for his anniversary ( Valentine’s day). He wanted his desert to have “Will you marry me?” written on it so he could pop the question when it came out. He called ahead to the front and back kitchen, even came in himself that morning to make sure it was good to go.

The whole crew was behind him. We had cooks all night coming in the ask if it had happened yet. I wrote the inscription on the plate and dressed it to the nines with gold leaf and expensive chocolate. I’m taking a picture of the plate just before it’s set to go out and notice our head waiter come in with a weird look on his face. He says plainly “They don’t need it”

She broke up with him before the entrees hit the table. —jeanlukepikard


A guy did a backflip and asked a girl to be his valentine… she declined. I walked up to him and asked if he was fine, he said it took him a week to perfect. —beejeko