Baker Threatens Legal Action After Discovering His Girlfriend And 14 Of Her Friends Ate $1000 Worth Of Pastries

There are tons of dumb reasons for breaking up, but this one takes the cake. Or should I say…pastry?

A man recently turned to Reddit’s popular r/TIFU subreddit to explain why he kicked his now ex-girlfriend out of his house.

The OP lives with his girlfriend and works at a family bakery

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Obviously, there’s more to the story than them just eating pastries. As it turns out, this type of entitled behavior has been a big problem for a while and this was the last straw.

OP and his girlfriend live near the family bakery where he works at. She recently announced that she is pregnant, which was a surprise because they use birth control and condoms. But, that’s not the reason for breaking up.

Here’s how everything went down.

“TIFU by leaving a massive order alone with my now ex and her 14 friends”

I’m sorry I just need somewhere to vent as literally everyone is saying I’m a d**k for kicking my pregnant ex out over this. To clarify this is not the first time she’s done this but this time it cost me over $1000. Also, I’m sorry if this was choppy I’m seeing red right now.

So recently I got 2 massive orders for pastries for 2 weddings and a few other parties, I had spent 1 week working with my team on the orders as it was 75-100 per item. Well, we finished yesterday and I and the team decided to go to the movies and just relax…big mistake. My now ex had a party planned…without asking me…in the home, I pay for while she just sits on her butt doing nothing. She’s never had a job she just waits for everyone to hand her what she needs.

His now ex-girlfriend revealed that she is pregnant about a month ago

We recently found out she’s pregnant a month and a half ago, but she’s been using it as an excuse. At first, it was just 1 or 2 of them but it gradually became more. 1 to 2 to 15- 20. which wasn’t an inconvenience as it was only one more batch, and I was fine with that.

However, yesterday was the last straw when I went out she threw a party with 14 of her friends and they got hungry, so they made their way down to the shop and went through nearly everything my team made. (My dad owns the bakery it’s not too far down from our house, so it wasn’t that hard for her to get in.) Well, when we came back we found my ex and 14 of her friends wasted on nearly $1000 of pastries. I nearly lost my s**t and started screaming at her asking wtf was she doing and why she thought this was okay.

He and his team at the bakery prepared two large pastry orders which cost around $1,000 in total

She blamed this on pregnancy cravings and tried to say that she wanted the baby to eat well, but when I asked about her friends she said they also had cravings. I kicked her out and had to call and explain everything to both parties. Full refund for both of them as there was barely anything that could be salvaged.

TL;DR I left products alone while I went to watch a movie and came back to my ex and 14 friends completely wasted on over $1000 of it.

Upon returning to the bakery, OP discovered his girlfriend and her 14 friends ate nearly everything they had prepared

**UPDATE: ** She ended up calling me on her parent’s phone around 7-8 am screaming at me for posting our private lives for everyone to see. She then proceeded to ask me through crocodile tears if I would press charges on her and her friends for “having fun”.

I replied yes and as I was about to hang up she brought up the child, as to which I told her to get a paternity test or not it will not be my problem. She then starts trying to manipulate and gaslight me crying saying “it was just her being hospitable to her friends and that it was rude of me to yell at them and kick them out” she then proceeds to cry about me not caring about her and I just hung up and blocked her.

As of right now, I’m fixing to leave for the PD and I hope you do come, Maddie with the evidence I have you’ll be arrested on the spot…Also, I’ve seen this in the comments a lot so to clarify

1: wasted on sweets, not alcohol, and 2: yes I did use a condom every time however a few of them broke I assumed nothing of it as she was on birth control. I feel like this was just planned or she was sleeping around either way I’m still going through with charges. there are too many comments to go through but these were the questions I saw the most. Also thank you for the support…It means a lot

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Commenters responded in support of OP as most of them pointed out how she seemed to have no respect for him or his livelihood.

OP Followed Up With A Final Update:

**FINAL UPDATE: ** As of right now this will be the final update, when all the legal proceedings finish taking place there will be another update.

I’m tired as is, so I’m going to keep this short (this goes in order)

1. She tried to break in and vandalize my home while I was making the report and she got herself brought to the station.

2. The truth came out, or at least part of it.…. She was never pregnant, the test she took at the PD proved this, which lead her to possible charges of miscarriage. To which she had to openly admit that she was never pregnant and only trying to make sure I didn’t leave. We had no problems before, so I don’t even understand why she did this.

3. Along with charges for the damage to my house, I will be pressing charges for the costs on her friends as well… as of right now she’s sitting in jail waiting for the court day.

Now I’m going to take a much needed nap…gn…

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