People Are Sharing Their Most Entitled Dates (20 Posts)

We’ve all experienced that one date that rode in on the Entitled Express. You know the type, the kind that thinks they’re the Best Date Ever with nothing to show for it.

The experience is so universal that it often pops up on the social media site, with Redditors sharing their personal experiences with entitled dating.

Just search for “entitled date” and you’ll see posts across dozens of subreddits, many receiving thousands of upvotes.

We’ve rounded up a few dates from those subreddits and whew, we can feel the entitlement coming through our screen.


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On most dating apps I’ve been on, around half of the people I match with always demand that I do something for them. It usually involved FaceTime, but recently there was one person I matched with who asked that I give them my number. I wasn’t comfortable with giving out my number to someone who I’ve only chatted with for a day, so I suggested for them to meet me halfway and share their social media with me. They refused because they “aren’t on social media much”, but when I stuck to my guns and we exchanged our accounts anyway, they stopped talking to me. I also noticed that they lied about not being on their social media much, since they posted regularly after they added me



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this guy I once matched started telling me I should put like seven pics on my profile not three so that he could study my body language, this was his opening line.

others ask for my number like I gotta give them talking about “can you give me your number” tsk

It’s the sheer audacity and outright entitlement that people have that leave me wondering what the fuck is wrong w them.




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I had a mutual “friend” (23m) ask me (22f) out multiple times over the course of two years. Each time I said no. In between he’d constantly talk about how great he thought I was, and how much it hurt him that I wouldn’t date him. Then he’d want to talk to me again, saying we couldn’t be friends because he still liked me. This cycle went on all last year. At the end of it I confronted him and told him that he handled his feelings poorly, and it made me really uncomfortable. (He would also be rude to me/my roommates, or spread lies about why I shut down whenever I was in his presence) This year he apparently pretended to be over me, while wanting me from afar, constantly telling mutual friends how much he liked me, and how much it hurt to not be dating me. He was actually pretty good at hiding it, aside from when he was drunk and would try to get uncomfortably touchy and close. I tried to discourage it as much as possible. I said no, that I wasn’t into him, and that I didn’t think we had anything in common. I actively walked away whenever he tried to get even remotely touchy. I dated other people! Yet still he kept asking, and later on hoping. A few weeks ago he tried one last time and I really hope it was a last time. It honestly made me feel less human. Like I was just some idea, or some vagina that he just imprinted on by virtue of my being nice to him and being female



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I matched with a really cute guy. His bio had a lot of similar interests and hobbies that I love. I was actually excited to start talking to him. But it was late last night.. and I was not feeling very well (mentally). I was having a lot of anxiety about events happening today so I got into bed early and just kinda wanted to zone out with some videos and try to fall asleep early. But I saw this fellow messaged me and I figured I’d give a quick response to his message so he knows I’ve seen it and acknowledged it. I got a notification that he responded but ignored it and figured I’d respond in the morning when I had more energy. He responded instantly. Then barely 30 minutes go by… and he responds again… then 30 more minutes to by and I see another notification… I finally take a look and it was all questions marks! “?” and then “???”

It made me not wanna respond at all honestly, and I kinda wanna unmatch now. Barely 30 minutes to by and you’re question marking someone as if they don’t have anything else to do but to respond to someone they had JUST matched with. It was late on a Monday night… maybe I was sleeping? Maybe I have my phone on do not disturb? Maybe I was busy? It was barely a half hour.

Please don’t send question marks or double texts to people if you actually want them to respond to you. Especially if it hasn’t even been a long time. It comes off as needy and if you’re already acting impatient when I don’t even know you, it makes me wonder how you’ll be in an actual relationship…

People have other things going on in their life where they won’t be able to instantly respond to you.




So my mum has a catering company and when she has a big job, as it’s a family run business she will ask me & my sister to help out now and again when she needs it. We’re not fans of it because we don’t like people but it’s my mums baby and we love her lol. This particular time it was a very chilled style wedding with an assembly line where we would divvy out my mums delicious food.

Anyways I can hear this guy in the line loudly talking about how no one wanted to be his date for the wedding, poor him, he’s such a nice guy etc. He gets to my mum in line and compliments the look of the food and asks if she’s the owner, she says yes and that her two lovely daughters are helping. EG looks at me and then my sister and says well one of them is lovely at least. My mum taken aback continues on as if he hasn’t spoken and serves him. He gets to my sister (the lovely one) and tells her she’s beautiful and how does it feel to be the typical, beautiful younger sister and she gives him a basilisk stare and asks him if he wanted a bread roll.

EG not wanting to hold up the line despite clearly wanting to carry on speaking to my sister and gets to me. EG looks at me and says he rates me about a 4 out of 10 and how awful it must be for me to have a 10 out of 10 looking sister.

Now I don’t think I’m ugly and I do think my sister is beautiful but we look very different she is very slim, athletic, tanned with bleach blonde hair with conker coloured eyes where as I am hourglass, pale skin, grey eyes and heavily tattooed so I am aware I’m an acquired taste.

I’m not offended he thinks my sister is beautiful, I think she’s beautiful however I am offended that he thinks we want his ‘assembly line’ commentary especially when he looks like a human version of seabiscuit.

So I lean back and say you’re the guy without a date right? I can see my mum twitching like please for the love of god don’t be too harsh. He’s grinning at me with his friends all proud of himself and I say ‘i wonder which one it is…if it’s your lack of manners, looks or personality that stopped you from getting a date when every else has one?‘ pausing to put some food on his plate I hand it back to him and smile. I imagine it’s all 3. Also despite being a ‘4’ I’ve never not had a date for a function. Have a good day now.

I never got to hear his response as the line needed to get moving however Sea biscuits smile is now gone, such a shame and I didn’t get told off by my mum. Winning. Maybe now he’ll have a better approach to women. I doubt it though 😂



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For a little context I was in 6th grade and was (still am) very sensitive. My boyfriend and I had broken up a few weeks earlier because he wanted to be a rapper (never happened). I was hanging out with some of my friends at the park but the sun was starting to set so I began riding my bike home. As I was passing by a house I heard a woman scream my first and last name. Out of confusion I stop and look around. I notice a woman standing on the sidewalk and look at her as she shreiks at me “GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW!” I was confused but went over, a bit nervous. She then begins shouting at me “You need to quit getting in (entitled brat)’s business” At this point I was on the verge of tears “I wasn’t in her business tho I rarely ever talk to her” She then snaps back at me “Then how come YOUR ex won’t date her!? You probably spread rumors about her huh?!” I began sobbing and started backing away “I don’t know what you’re talking about” She seemed angered by this response and grabbed my wrist “YOU NEED TO QUIT BEING A BITCH TO MY DAUGHTER! DON’T EVER TALK TO HER OR HER FRIEND AGAIN” After she let me go I hopped on my bike and began riding home. As soon as I was out of sight of her I let out loud sobs that I had held in. I finally got home and went inside, sobbing uncontrollably. Mom calmed me down and asked what happened. I could only muster out “(entitled brat)’s mom called me a bitch” That was enough for my mom as she got me in the truck and began driving over the speed limit to the entitled mom’s house. My mom got out and began walking towards the door at the entitled mom came out Mom: “You really want to call my daughter a bitch?! BITCH” EM: :She was getting in my daughter’s business” Just then EM’s dad pulled up. Mom explained to him what was going on and he looked at the EM and asked “You going to fight? I didn’t raise no wuss” EM retreated into the house and her dad apologized to my mom. My mom then got into the truck and drove me to the store to get a tub of strawberry ice-cream.



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