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“I Made The Mistake Of Showing My Mom My ‘Sleep Paralysis Demon'” — A Thread (15 Pics)

On the subreddit r/TIFU, people share stories about the ways they messed up, like shaving their balls or hiding in their girlfriend’s house during lockdown, or any other number of stories that sound completely insane. This tale from u/megs_wags actually sounds real to me, which makes it that much funnier. They titled it, “TIFU by showing my mom a drawing of my sleep paralysis visitor.”

They start by writing, “I get sleep paralysis. I have for the past few years off and on. Usually every couple of months I’ll get a sleep paralysis dream. “

They add that though they have explained this to their parents, the parents didn’t really comprehend what their child was facing when they had a sleep paralysis episode. So the OP decided to draw a picture of what they see when they’re having that kind of nightmare. They f—ked up by sending the picture to mom:

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Now, my parents are hella catholic. Like, homeschooled for 6 years and went to church every day catholic. Like, when things go bad in life my dad wholeheartedly believes it’s the devil actively attacking us so we lose our faith. Which explains their reaction when I showed them this picture:

Cue the panicked phone call from my parents who now believe the devil visits me in my sleep. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them trying to find a bible or a rosary so my mom could sleep without worrying my soul would be stolen. They want me to talk to a priest and get my house blessed and use holy water every time I enter. The next time I visit them, I may end up in an impromptu exorcism. Wish me luck.

TL;DR my mom thinks the devil visits me at night

Well… at least they care? And that is a pretty scary freaking drawing. Many empathized because they’ve had sleep paralysis, too. No, you’re not actually being visited by a demon, you just have trouble waking up and it feels really scary.

A few people even had tips for how to combat it or shared their own “demon” stories. And quite a few people were pissed that the OP’s demon drawing will haunt them for eternity:

As for what to do about his parents, there wasn’t a lot of advice. I won’t tell people not to share when an evil sleep paralysis demon seems to be sitting on your chest at night. Just make sure they don’t think The Exorcist is a documentary.

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