Woman Accidentally Uses Her Boyfriend's Mom's "Private Parts" Towel For Her Hands

Woman Accidentally Uses Her Boyfriend’s Mom’s “Private Parts” Towel For Her Hands

On the subreddit r/TIFU, people share stories where they feel they messed up pretty bad and ruined something, made things awkward, or screwed themselves over. This story shared there by u/snus_p*ssy falls into one of those categories at least, maybe all three. The post is titled, “TIFU by using my boyfriend’s mother’s private parts towel as a hand towel.” TIFU stands for “Today I F*cked Up,” and Reader, they did.

They start saying the incident took place about a half-hour before posting. They’d been staying with their boyfriend at his parent’s house for a few days, but they returned home from a trip to meet the young couple there.

The OP went to use the restroom, then rejoined the group. Then mom went into the restroom. When she returned, she had some questions:

 Then she starts asking if anyone had been using the one blue towel there and I say I have, then she says awkwardly that she uses it on her private parts and I go absolutely RED. I apologized and said that I’m glad to know it now. As I’m writing this post and just kind of sitting next to my boyfriend, I’m not sure what he feels about the situation since he heard everything. Everything’s fine, but I feel super duper embarrased now and we kinda laughed it off but like, I feel a little disgusted and I think she feels too. Next time I enter someones house first time I’m making oh so sure what towel to use.

TL;DR: Used bf’s mom’s private parts towel as a hand towel and now I feel very embarrased. [SIC]

We need to fill in some blanks here, because I have a lot of questions.

Where was the vagina towel? In the shower? Hanging on the towel rack? Has the mom discussed which towel is which in mixed company before, because how else would everyone in the house know not to dry their hands on it? I’m assuming that’s what the OP did while they were in the bathroom. If they used that towel for something else, that REALLY complicates things.

But the biggest question of all is also one of the most top-rated comments from sabre_skills:

This is the 2nd TIFU I’ve read about someone using another persons “vagina towel”.

I’ve had a vagina for almost 50 years, and have never heard of something like a person having a vagina towel.

Is it really that common?

Many people asked why someone needs a separate vagina towel, to which the OP desperately responded, “I’ve thought the same!”

vagina towel

Commenter drkirienko offered the most likely explanation, which also kind of makes things much worse, writing, “People with a number of STIs will use a different towel for their ladybits or body parts so that they don’t get their diseases into their eyes or face.”

Well, the more you know. In a way, that’s a pretty good practice. Even if the mom doesn’t have any medical reason for a separate vagina towel, it does seem like very good hygiene. Those of us not using them have made ALL our towels into vagina towels if you think about it. 

On the other hand, maybe keep it someplace further away from the sink.

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