25 People Describe The Awkward Times When They Were Accidentally Turned-On By A Friend

There’s a lot of debate on whether friends of opposite sexes/preferences can maintain wholesome platonic relationships without any sexual tension or ulterior motives. The debate might seem pretty immature to some—of course, two people can be friends without banging.

But let’s be honest, we’re obsessed with seeing sexual tension between two friends in TV shows, books, movies—you name it. That kind of sexual tension keeps us on the edge of our seats waiting for that one gesture, compliment, or accidental touch that sparks the beginning of a new sexual adventure between two friends. 

Redditor u/titan_slayer05 asked the people of Reddit: “What did your friend do that accidentally turned you on?”

The results are proof that some people get turned on by the simplest—and weirdest—things. If you’re someone with a crush on a friend, it’s time to take notes! Some of these 25 answers have an adorably happy ending.


“I came back from freshman year college to visit high school and walked into the auditorium, where an incredibly cute girl I was friends with saw me, stopped what she was doing and literally ran up the aisle and jumped into my arms to hug me. Plot twist: married 26 years and have a son.” –davidjschloss


“I was cracking jokes with a coworker and when she laughed at something I said she pushed at my chest in that “Oh stop it you!” kinda way and whoooooo boy I damn near melted right then and there.” –FBI_Official_Acct


“I have never been lady like. So I was play fighting with a friend and he pinned me down and choked me a little. I still think about it sometimes.” –brokenshield97


“This one girl started tickling me. When I started tickling her back, she started to moan and said she was sensitive there. Awkward drive home.” –Another_Road


“A group of us went to a firework display and during the usual louder and bigger finale fireworks she jumped, grabbed my arm tight and didn’t let go. Not sure what happened inside me but yeah, that did it.” –StAnger99


“He jumped up, grabbed a fire escape ladder, pulled himself up and climbed all the way to the top. Just oh dear. That’s how I learned I have a thing for people climbing/pulling themselves up.” –BouncyEnergy


“Have this friend of mine, one day at home while we were drinking with some other friends she started singing… at that moment I looked at her and didn’t just see my friend, I saw a very attractive young woman. I sometimes still see that moment when I look at her and shake the thought away.” –FiyzValiant


“We were in some math class in high school and she was tutoring me mid class. She was leaning over next to me as I was sat down and she had her hand on my back. She was almost whispering into my ear how to figure out this problem. Something about her voice was so soothing and arousing. It was very sensual and I still think about it often. Nothing ever happened with her. ” –UnofficialPaul


“Held my hand for a few seconds. Just happened a few days ago, she was driving and we held hands for a while. I’m still evaluating why that had such an impact on me.” –IAmBellpepper


“She dried my motorcycle seat with her sleeve while I was putting my helmet on.” –neotoxicfr



“I had this friend that while having long phone call sessions, she used to talk to me in this seductive sounding Colombian accent and called me “bizcocho” which is cake in Spanish. Never thought being called a dessert would be hot… or maybe I’m just weird.” –monkey_D_v1199


“A colleague friend took care of my wounded knee during work. We were alone in the canteen and he was very sweet and caring. Guess I’m not used to that.” –mangoisdope


“He and I were watching a movie, when he gave me a hug. While hugging me he gently ran his hands up and down my back. He didn’t mean anything sexual with it. I on the other hand have a very sensitive back and was severely turned on by it. The next day he made fun of me for being “ticklish.” I then admitted to the truth about that. Needless to say he did it again later. We’ve been dating for over a year now.” –jenreneh


“He was driving and I was riding shotgun. He had to reverse to parallel park and turned his torso towards me, putting his arm around my seat in order to look back. He did that so confidently and effortlessly that it made me feel a little funny.” –CommercialImpressive


“She was the popular girl in our class. She said “I love you” to me as a friend (I think anyway or I’m just incredibly f–king dense). I didn’t like her but it still made my heart flutter.” –



“A friend of mine I had a crush on sucked on my fingers, as a joke kinda. Then someone told her they do it in porn all the time and she never did it again.” –orig_ardera


“I told her a joke and she smiled so much, looked at the ground then gave me a “You’re so funny” look. I honestly wanted to date her since then, its been 3 years and I’m still thinking of her.” –M3x0r4x


“Guy here. Senior year of high school. A guy dares me to give a massage to my girl best friend when she sits down. She sits down, I start giving her a shoulder massage (which I’ve been told I’m very good at) and she lets out a couple of soft moans, and completely relaxes. I had never really been attracted to her until then. Then I stopped and she slumped back, tilted her head back so I was looking at her upside down and she said ‘don’t stop.'” –IndubitablyRaven


“I offered him a sip of my drink and he made intense eye contact with me as he slowly put the straw in his mouth and took a nice long sip. I found it kinda weird to be turned on so much by him sucking on a straw since I don’t have a dick. We’ve been dating for over two years now.” –AngeryBananaMama


“Girl was really affectionate and hugged everyone. When she got to hugging me I was really awkward so i admitted that i had never hugged a girl before, she said and I quote “it’s fine I’ll be your first time”. All my friends were laughing at how that sounded and high school. I was rock hard.” –Cynicalreaper


“Had a friend who got a tattoo on the back of her neck. Decided to kneel down in front of me so I could see it. Never been so happy for willpower in my life. Last thing I needed was her turning around to find a tent.” –TimedRevolver


“My crush felt my hoodie because it was soft. Idk it felt weird and turned me on. God I’m so lonely.” –SexyGenguButt


“I was making coffee for us and pressing slowly on the top of it like you’re supposed to, when she shouldered me over a little and leaned on my hand to push it down faster. It was cute as fuck and I’ll never forget it.” –PM_ME_SEXY_PAULDRONS


“We were sitting on her couch watching Thor: Ragnarok, finished our chinese food, she went got a pint of Ben & Jerry’s out of her freezer and she sat sideways half on my lap and took turns taking a bite and feeding me a bite. It was oddly intimate, but she’d made it clear she was convinced if we started to date we’d end up married, and she wasn’t sure she was ready for that. 6 months later we were dating, 6 months after that we were married, coming up on our 2 year anniversary!” –AKBigDaddy


“The last guy I had a crush on (he was my boss). He was walking and folding his sleeves the same time and I was looking at him because it was such a simple thing, but DAMN I couldn’t work the entire day (I had to call a friend to calm down).” –irawatip