Oh, The Weird Things You See On Public Transportation (21 Posts)

Public transit might be a boon for the environment and help with horrible traffic around commute time, but it can be its own special kind of hell. Everyone is crammed in together and there’s no getting away from people acting like freaks on a moving vehicle in the seat next to you.

Redditor u/MexicanNach0 asked the community for their stories, titling their post on r/AskReddit, “What is the strangest thing you’ve seen someone do on public transport?” There were a lot of responses, because no one has been on a subway more than once has gotten away unscathed. Some stories are scary, some are weirdly wholesome, and at least one made me want to throw up. Scroll through and see if you can guess which.

Here are some of the strangest things people have witnessed on public transportation:


A guy kept yelling NO!! Every time the bus stopped at a bus stop.

He yelled YES!! When the bus stopped at his stop. —Diamond_Jordy


Tiny elderly Chinese woman was carrying a live chicken by the feet in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. Tried to get on a bus and the driver stopped her. They argue back and forth for a bit and finally she lets out an exasperated growl, breaks the neck of the chicken, stuffs it in the bag and shouts “It groceries now!” —SonovaVondruke


A woman on the London tube brought three live ducks in harnesses onto the carriage. They were just stood there chilling and quacking away. —SomethingPretty88


Dude across from me takes everything out of his backpack while kind of muttering to himself. I figure he’s looking for something. He then proceeds to put the backpack on his head. Guess he needed to take a closer look. —Britney2007


I saw a young woman get on, early-mid twenties, obliterated on drugs. She sat far back behind me so I didn’t hear anything, and the next thing I know some muscle head is yelling for the bus driver to stop the bus and was manhandling an old mid 50s guy off the bus. Muscle head started yelling “get this creep off the bus, he’s back there kissing a passed out girl.”

Although in 10 years taking the bus this is the most I’ve ever witnessed happen so the bus is genuinely a safe place to be. —chokinhos


In Melbourne, I’ve seen a lot of people chroming on the train (Upfield line, represent), which is where people inhale paint cans or petrol, usually from a plastic or paper bag. One day on my way to uni, I saw a guy inhaling from a paper bag. “Oh, another chroming dude, awesome.” I dismissively thought to myself. Suddenly he pulls a sandwich out of the bag and begins eating it, then throws the bag away. Motherfucker was just inhaling his sandwich. —AmoursHideous


I was on a sleeper train going from Hamburg to Rotterdam and woke up in the middle of the night to a 60ish year old German lady violently masturbating on the bunk opposite while staring into my very soul. I just pretended to go back to sleep. I wasn’t asleep. She knew.

Bonus – in the morning when we arrived and were leaving the train she winked at me. —FeGodwnNiEto


I live in detroit and I saw a grown man pull a fish out of a bag and slap a girl with it! Honestly i was scared for my life. —Snafuspect


I once saw an elderly guy pushing an old man in a wheelchair in the underground. The man in the wheelchair wore sunglasses (not a sunny day) and had staring eyes behind them. He also had his feet crossed in a way no old man would have. His hand were really pale and folded on his lap. I could not see him breathing.

But the strangest thing was that the elderly man was holding the old man’s head the whole time. Not gently, but really holding it with his two hands as if it would fall off.

I still don’t know if he was dead, a puppet or really sick. But it was somehow really scary. —Minituo


Two guys get on the same train carriage as me. I’m sitting behind then. It’s mid morning and the train is quite full on this Western Sydney line. Nonchalantly they pull out a kit consisting of syringes and spoon and cook up right there and then. They have their hit and then proceed to each spark up a smoke and not even acknowledge the other passengers.

Someone must have called the police because a couple of stops later the cops met the train and come and pulled the guys off. —noseyjoe