Oh, The Weird Things You See On Public Transportation (21 Posts)


A guy was standing next to me with a model train (modelled after the V/Line Trains in Victoria, Australia) that he just bought. Proceeded to strike up a conversation with me, telling me about how he was bitten by a dog, sued the owner, and used the money he got to buy the model. He even showed me both the bite wound and took the model out of its box to show me. A strange experience, but also quite interesting. —Dwargen


I once saw a bee fly onto the DC metro land on a seat. It hung out there for one stop and then took off again when the door opened. —Thunder_Munch


I stayed in Istanbul for a month. During that time, I came to the conclusion that some women lean back to back to avoid harassment.

My first encounter was very weird tho. It was very crowded and there were only two other girls there. Without saying anything, they wiggled their way to me and both leaned their back on my back. Not gonna lie, I was quite spooked. Haven’t experienced it anywhere else.

Edit: To avoid further confusion, I want to add that I’m a girl. —PlasticEnthusiasm


We were riding the DART rail in Dallas to the State Fair of Texas. There was a methed out crazy guy on there that kept staring at my 1 year old son and repeating (in a low, creepy voice), “He will not take you, but He will take the child. He will not take you, but He will take the child.”
Needless to say, we were not happy. We just wanted funnel cakes, not threats of demonic kidnapping. —stellalaboof


I saw an elderly lady pull out a can of lysol, spray her armpits then lift up her skirt and spray it between her legs. No reaction or acknowledgement for what she just did. I moved to the next car. —rabrabbitrab


Kinda late, but it would have to be DDLG role play. Both were mid-thirties and heavyset, dressed like middle school weabs and the lady even had a pacifier. She kept asking her “daddy” repeatedly, baby voice and all, if they were at the park yet. That’s not even the worse part of it, she would give her pacifier to her partner and he’d slob on it (heavily) and put it back in her mouth for her. And she would make this weird crooning noise. I’m shivering already just remembering. —tafungi


Saw a guy sitting in front of me on a double decker bus masturbate. He wasnt even trying to hide, just straight up jerking it there and then. —Se0w


A guy on a train, seesawing back and forth saying:”I will kill everyone, everyone. The streets will be flooded with blood. The day will come close, I will kill everyone, no mercy, no survivors, a feast for everyone. Even the innocent, the innocent will die.” and so on. —b778av


I saw a guy (about 15 years old, chubby and always wearing a light blue T shirt) entering a bus line I was taking a few years ago (actually several times). When the bus stopped and the driver opened the door, he just stood there with his little suitcase, staring at me or another passanger and said “Take my suitcase in”. No “please” no “can you” just a straight order. I thought that he had some kind of disability and that he couldn’t carry heavy objects but once I grabbed his suitcase it was pretty light and as I said, he was not looking like a weak guy. I expect everyone to be able to do this on his/her own.

This happened several times and I have no explanaition why this guy always had his little suitcase with him and why he always wanted others to carry it for basically 1 foot and also why he was behaving this strangely. —asdlpg


I once saw a guy cut a small hole in the seat’s cover and pick pieces of cushion out to eat. —ConduciveMammal