Lawyers Are Sharing The “Gotcha” Moments When They Knew They’d Win A Case (16 Stories)


“At a restraining order trial it was essentially my client’s word versus his, regarding a sexual assault. He did a good job dressing up and acting very appropriate during most of his testimony. But then he was asked a series of open-ended questions and he said something to the effect that, ‘She kept coming up on me with that fucking p-ssy’ (allegedly during a lecture) and as soon as he said it a look came on his face and the judge’s face and everyone knew the ruse of respectable young gentleman had failed. I won.” — BorderThug


“When I found a video on Facebook of the plaintiff squatting 300 pounds the month before his deposition. That was a good one. Oh he was saying he couldn’t work and had back injuries after a minor car accident. Edit: Just as a follow up: I sent the video to his attorney afterward the deposition and the case immediately went away. He also adamantly denied being able to workout or doing any lifting during his deposition. It was a big lie. Also, I agree that this really sucks for the people with legitimate injuries, who people quickly want to just label ‘litigious.'” — rgk234


“I was reviewing the transcript of an interview with a child. The child made incriminating statements against my client. At one point, when discussing the allegations, the child used an odd word, but I didn’t think much of it. A few days later, I was watching a video of the child interacting with their grandmother (who hates my client) from about a week before that interview. The grandmother used the exact same odd word in the exact context the child later used it. At that moment, it became clear that child had been coached. It was the first real ‘ah ha!’ moment of my career.” — ltl1109


“I had a ton of these when I used to do Family Law. Off the top of my head: my client’s husband was alleging she had been high and nude in public. As I’m crossing him I get him to admit that she was in fact changing out of her bathing suit at the beach and covered by a towel at all times. He says: ‘well, she was naked…under the towel,’ I come back with: ‘just like you’re naked under your clothes right now?’ Even the judge chuckled.” — Iamtherainking77


“It wasn’t at trial, but during a deposition on a case where two former employees decided to start their own company in a VERY niche market, but decided to make their plans on company laptops they unsuccessfully tried to brick. One of the defendants was the one being deposed. She said she ‘answered to a higher power than the company.’ When pressed on what that meant, she said ‘herself.’ That got reused prominently at trial.” — brosbeforetouhous


“On the stand, the Trooper testified that he visually saw “the key in the ignition.”

My friend gave him like 3 chances to walk it back. “Are you sure, Trooper, that you actually saw the key IN the ignition?”

“Yes, counselor…” (When a cop calls a lawyer “counselor” he really means “assh-le.”)

And then my buddy dropped the hammer:

“You are aware that my client drives a Toyota Prius?”

BAM.” —dramboxf

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