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26 Guys Share Their Worst Date Stories

Not a lot of people have been going dates in the past year, what with the pandemic and all, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an unending list of bad date stories to be shared. It’s good fun to compete for who’s been on the worst date.

Plus, one-upping each other’s miserable dating experiences is comforting, and wallowing in misery is a group sport.


There’s only one place made to exchange stories from one loser to thousands of others, and that’s Reddit.

It’s as safe a space as any to share tales of complete failure, so let’s dig into some of the most terrible date experiences shared by the men of Reddit. 

Enjoy these 26 bad date stories from these, poor traumatized guys.


“I’m a white man with light blue eyes and went on a date with my friends sister in law. She commented that I have beautiful eyes and then followed it up with “I guess I’ve always agreed with Nazis about eye color”

Ok, weird, but let’s chalk that up to first date jitters.

She then goes on to talk about how she has always had respect for the Nazis and their ambition, and in fact “was a Nazi in my past life.” –butternuts24


“On three separate occasions, with three different women, in different states. At the end of the second date, these young ladies apparently had a change of heart on their sexuality and came out to me as being a lesbian.

It is for that reason, some of my friends refer to me as ‘teamchanger'”


“I got catfished by a girl who has sent me fake photos…and it wasn’t even close to her. She immediately addressed this but in a way that would make it my fault if I had an issue with it, if that makes sense, like, “I know I lied about how I look but only because I knew you wouldn’t date me and looks are superficial…”. No problem, let’s see who she really is. I wish that was the reason I ran for the hills. She invited like 7 of her friends as consultants or “advisors” and told me to pretend they weren’t there.. sitting around at a huge table at Toronto’s Old Spaghetti Factory, all the while SHE’S ASKING THEM ADVICE WHILE WE’RE ON A DATE. Like if I asked her, “what do you do for fun?” SHE WOULD THEN TURN TO HER FRIENDS AND ASK THEM WHAT SHE SHOULD SAY. After the hardest convo of my life, she then asked if I wanted to watch some special edition Harry Potter with director commentary or something with all her friends at her house. I made up some random emergency and we never spoke again.” –foag


“Went on a date with a dude. Started nice, a trivia night at a local pub. I felt like we hit it off.

We decided to wander downtown around 11pm, just talking, and while waiting to cross Main Street he decides to shove me HARD into the road, and catch my shoulder at the last minute to pull me back and say “saved your life haha”

Main Street in my city is 4 lanes of one-way traffic, and there were cars incoming. If he hadn’t actually caught and hauled me back, I 100% would have tumbled headfirst into traffic and likely died then and there.

I was livid, and shocked, and he acted like he did nothing wrong. When I tried to press he acted annoyed that I “couldn’t take a joke” –daitoshi


“We had a lovely time eating and went on to have a cocktail at the river bar. It is a popular place to have a date. After having a seat she looked around and suddenly acted weird. At some point she stood up and went to a table, arguing with a guy who was with a woman. She made a gesture and I went over. She was telling the guy she moved on and I’m her boyfriend now. We haven’t kissed before, it was our first date, but she tried to french kiss me and became quite forceful.

I pushed her back gently and told her to calm down. She was angry and went on to the bar to chat with a guy I assume she didn’t know and went with him to sit at a different table.

Still standing next to the other couple, I didn’t know how to feel, so we burst out laughing to shake the tension. I wished them a lovely evening and went.

I guess this is one of my worst ones.” –rakahr11


“Had a date tell me in the restaurant that her boyfriend never takes her anywhere and the only reason she agreed to come out with me was to make him jealous. This was after we had ordered. Figured she had to call her boyfriend for assistance on that one.” –ElectricCD


“I’m bi and it was with another guy, but here goes: We met up for coffee and then went for a walk. At one point we were alone and we kissed, but his breath was absolutely horrendous. I audibly hurled and that was the end of that. So yeah, lesson is brush your teeth.” –IaIsgod


“Matched with her on tinder and we bonded over our shared love of food. She mentioned not having gone to any good restaurants in town and was tired of places like Kelsey’s or Lonestar. Decided to take her to a really nice place in town as I had just got my tax returns and could afford a $200 meal.

During the date she talked with me and was engaged right up to when she ordered her food, an appetizer, wine, dinner, a second dinner for lunch the next day and dessert. After her order was placed she took out her phone and spent the next 20 minutes just browsing Instagram while I tried to talk with her. Excused myself to the bathroom and instead talked to the waitress. Got her to cancel my meal and dessert (only had my appetizer at that point). Split the bill and paid what the 20% tip for the whole thing would have been as it wasn’t fair for the waitress to loose out on her tip. My phone blew up about 5 minutes later when the waitress told her what was up.

See the funny thing is, I have no problem paying for a date even if there isn’t a spark if my date at least is engaging/respectful. But being used for a free meal, nah fuck that, there are more deserving people with less in the world that I’d rather give back to.” –YetAnotherSmith


“She was pregnant—which actually I was totally ok with. Ladies growing babies need social lives too.

But then she had a cider. Ok, I’ll be open minded. Some doctors say you can have a glass of wine right?

Then she had a whiskey. Then she lit a cigarette. Then I left.” –mydogisincharge


 “Back in college I was going on a date with this girl she wanted me to meet her at her sorority house when I got off work around 8. I go there she is blackout drunk on a couch and wanted to “cuddle”…I hadn’t had anything to drink so I just left. the next day she asked me why I never showed up… we didn’t talk anymore.”-jacobwebb57