TikToker Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Cheating From Restaurant Hostess

TikToker @feliciaburzotta’s video in which she tells why she broke up with her boyfriend has gone viral.

@feliciaburzotta / TikTok

Felicia says in the video that her now-ex said he was “going to dinner with the boys,” but she had that feeling that something else was up.

@feliciaburzotta / Tik Tok

So she called the restaurant to check up on him.

“I pretended I was coordinating a surprise party for him. I asked the hostess who was there yet…his boys or his sister? She said his sister,” Felicia wrote in the caption.

Felicia’s follow-up videos share more.

She says her ex had been cheating on her with the girl at the restaurant for weeks — maybe even a month or two.

Felicia said her suspicions were just “women’s intuition.”

“I just had a hunch that he was cheating on me with this one b* because she was everywhere. She was always around. You just couldn’t get rid of her,” she says, citing the fact that she repeatedly found suspicious objects—”little s…like lip glosses and sunglasses.”


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“I do believe that she was probably leaving s**t out for me to, like, make me go a little crazy.”

The other woman was simply characterized by a slew of misogynistic stereotypes; that woman and the ex are now together and in a relationship.

The day after she discovered the lie, Felicia went to her ex’s place, where she found confirmation of her fears. A fake eyelash was in the bed.

He attempted to convince her, Felicia said, that the eyelash was hers — but she knew better.

“Soooo I wasn’t about to expose myself. I said one of my friends was getting to-go food and saw them together,” she wrote.

She’s now single and seems to enjoy it, even noting that the ex’s friends “hit me up on Instagram”.