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17 People Share Secrets They Keep From Their Partner

Do you keep anything from your partner? It can be as benign as hiding a favorite food so they won’t eat it or as serious as concealing when you’re struggling with a mental illness.

Ideally, we should be able to share everything with our significant other, but on Reddit folks are confessing that they often do not—for very different reasons. From peeing in the shower to past relationship trauma, people don’t always tell their partner everything. 


“When I used to go away on 2-week long work trips, EVERY damn time I got home, my wife and daughter had always gone through ALL the toilet paper. Could never finally just get home and take a peaceful quiet…break. So finally I just started hoarding toilet paper from the hotels I stayed at, hiding them high in the back of the closet. They never knew.” — MeToolMovement


“The existence and location of peanut butter in the house. He sleep eats and has eaten the whole jar at once more than once. I like to have a spoonful as a snack every now and then—if he doesn’t know we have any/where it is, I can make a small jar last a month or more.” — drunknightgown


“That I had, in fact, read a book series. He had a book containing the entire collection and somehow thought I hadn’t read it. He was so excited to read it with me that I didn’t have the heart to say anything. So we reread the ENTIRE series aloud over the course of many months.” — savethetoads


“The reason I’m so good at gifts and they seem so thoughtful is that I keep a list on my phone for whenever she says she wants or likes something. It seems like I have this great memory, but instead I just wrote it down when you said it 6 months ago. I extended it into the in-laws to help on holidays, as we usually send from the both of us.” — brandnamenerd


“How much my prior relationship truly messed me up. She knows a little bit about it but not to the extent it has shaped me in relationships. I feel like I don’t want to bring it up because I don’t want to be that guy blaming everything on an ex.” — snoopycool


“How empty my brain is most of the time. Like I’m just sitting there starting off into the distance and he asks what in thinking about. Usually I’m honest and say “I zoned out” but I’m zoned out like 90% of the time.” — SmartieLion


“Bodily functions. More specifically bathroom time. I shut the door. Every. Single. Time. She don’t give a damn. Wide ass open.” — twistediniquity


“The depths of my fears and frustrations about having cancer, and the fatalistic jokes I make about it. I don’t share them with my husband because he’s having a hard time with my diagnosis. His wife has cancer! It’s eventually gonna kill her! He’s obviously stressed out about the whole situation. Instead, I share my darker and more irrational thoughts with a psychologist at the cancer center.” — insertcaffeine


“I’ve been binge eating for the last several years. I would get banana bread, cake, loaves of bread, entire meals at Indian restaurants, containers of ice cream, etc and eat whatever it was in the car and then throw away the evidence before going home. A couple months ago I finally told him what I’ve been doing. So he started running errands for me or coming with me or letting me drag my son everywhere with me. It’s helped. A few days ago I decided that I wasn’t going to hide anything anymore and brought home a container of mango sorbet. I’ve eaten less than 1/4 of it over three days. Before I would have eaten the entire 800 calorie container plus a loaf of banana bread in the car in one sitting, and would have done that maybe more than once.” — MuslimVeganArtistIA


“She thinks I don’t pee in the shower, but I sometimes do.” — svenson_26