Model Shares A Video Of Herself Having A Panic Attack To Raise Awareness About Mental Illness

Instagram is a platform filled with people showing the best side of their lives. Photos, and the people in them, are seemingly void of any flaws or worries. It’s a feed of vacation photos, couple selfies, big experiences, and self-indulgence.

We live vicariously through Instagram influencers. Their experiences make us feel like we’ll get to do that same thing one day. We tag our friends or significant others in the comments; “let’s do this!!”

However, we don’t often see an IG influencer or model’s life outside of these perfectly shot and filtered photos.

Kharina K, a Malaysian Instagram influencer, is no stranger to these perfect photos.

She’s often seen in shots of sunny beaches and crystal clear waters.

She’s been sponsored by different fitness and nutrition brands, all of whom flock to her account to be associated with someone who seemingly has a perfect life.

But recently, Kharina revealed her ongoing struggles with anxiety and the panic attacks that occur because of it.

She uploaded an intense, real video of one of her panic attacks on her Instagram page.

Her caption starts out by warning those watching the video and clarifying why she was uploading it for her followers.

“⚠️WARNING! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!⚠️ No, this is NOT an act, this is REAL LIFE. This was me earlier having one of THE WORST panic attacks I’d ever had that happened to be caught on camera.

“Why I had this attack isn’t important so I’ll leave that bit out. I’m posting this not for attention or sympathy, but because I have been given this platform on instagram and would like to do some good with it.”

“You guys see most of my life as rainbows and sunshine (cuz no one likes to post the bad parts anyways) , however this is my reality. Constantly having anxiety and being fine one minute, and like this the next. I try to post as much as I can about mental health to bring AWARENESS to it because it is REAL, and is not taught very well in Malaysia, however I have never been able to show you guys until now.”

She states that she didn’t plan this video out in advance, but hopes it will help others who suffer from anxiety feel less alone.

“I didn’t choose this, I do not want it, and it’s a horrible thing to be constantly fighting a battle no one knows about or sees that’s in your head 24/7 and constantly feeling like a crazy person. It burdens not only you, but the people around you & yet all you can do is apologize when you yourself don’t even want it which is one of the worst feelings ever.

“I’m very lucky to have a great support system around me that loves & takes good care of me in times like these, however not everyone is as lucky as I am… and so this post is to remind those who suffer from it that you ARE NOT ALONE, & to hopefully bring awareness to the people who don’t know/understand mental illnesses.”

Kharina says she wants to end the stigma around those who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.

“If I can enlighten even 1 person by posting this, I’ll be happy and will feel like I have used this platform to do something useful & good instead of just for selfish nonsensical reasons. I may or may not delete this, but I just thought that after everything today, & the fact that someone had actually gotten this on camera, that it felt almost like it was my duty to do some good with it.

“I hope if someone you know has any form of mental health illness that you try your best to be patient with them time & time again which I know can be hard, but is sometimes the best or only thing you can do for that person… to just try your best to understand, and just BE THERE.”

Twitter user @syeerazak uploaded the video in a tweet, where it quickly went viral.

Hundreds of responses poured in from other people who experience anxiety and panic attacks, as well as those witnessing the traumatic event for the first time.

Hopefully Kharina’s brave video illuminates more people to the daily struggles of anxiety and enlightens others on how to help those that do struggle with it.

h/t: Someecards, Bored Panda