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17 People Share Secrets They Keep From Their Partner


“My ex and I really liked this low key underrated song. My wife heard the same song on my list and fell in love for it, she always blasts it on the radio when we are on the car. I know if I were to tell her that it is also my ex girlfriend’s favorite song it would ruin for her. So I just let her be happy.” — deimos_z


“There’s one thing that I hide from my wife. My god damn phone charger. I swear to Odin she can not keep up with a charger. I’m down to one charger I take with me to different rooms. If I don’t need it, I hide it in my closet. Like a child.” — CHRGuitar


“The fact that I’ll propose to her in a few weeks! Good thing she doesn’t use any social media.” — DoctorSalt


“That I write a bit of erotica on the side. She’d be thrilled and supportive, but I’m just too embarrassed.” — pratprak


“I let my cat drink from the tap, please don’t tell her.” — ICanHasACat


“I cheat at card and board games to ensure I lose more often.” — correction_infection


“How much money I make, I always give them answers like “enough to pay my bills” but when they really push for a dollar sign it’s a red flag to me. If we move in together my opinon would change though” — SoundedDoughnut

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