25 Married Couples Who Are Just Trying To Keep It Together During Quarantine

One of the traditional vows of marriage is to take someone “in sickness and in health.” It’s also the vow that gets most sorely tested in a global pandemic like the one the world is currently experiencing at the hands of coronavirus/COVID-19. It also makes you think more and more about the “till death do us part” vow when you contemplate caving your spouse’s skull in with a tea kettle after they’ve done that one annoying thing they do for the 1,000th time on Day 20 of your shared quarantine. 

As anyone who’s married or in a serious relationship knows, while couplehood has plenty of benefits, it’s not all peaches and cream and you inevitably get on each other’s nerves. In a normal world you can ease this tension by, you know, GOING OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE, but in our new world of social-distancing this is suddenly no longer possible and people are having to confront the issues in their relationship head-on.

Here are a selection of tweets from married couples doing their best to keep it together during the pandemic.











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