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Girlfriend Flies 600 Miles To Surprise Boyfriend Only To Find Out He Did The Same Thing

There’s nothing more romantic than the person you love, flying for hours across land and sea, just to show up at your door as a surprise.

Well, unless you hate unexpected visits, then that’s not really romantic. 

For Salma and her boyfriend Finlay, surprises are their thing—to the point where they had the same idea on the same day.


The world found out about the adorable mix-up through Salma’s Twitter account. On Jan. 12, she shared the experience with the internet. 

Via screenshots, Salma played out the entire story in four parts. Part one: Checking in with a mutual to make sure Finlay will be home for the surprise.

Part two: Being surprised Finlay is not home and frantically texting him to come back

Part three: Desperately trying to find something to do in Paris.

Part four: Ponder if surprises are really worth the effort.

In the comments, Finlay shared the two were in Edinburgh Airport AT THE SAME TIME.

Some people took a closer look at the Facebook comments and a new hero was born.

We’re just glad the couple got some mileage out of this story.

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