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People Are Sharing Weird Marriage Shower Thoughts That Are Technically True

11. Evaluate your finances

If you can’t afford marriage then you surely can’t afford divorce.


12. “Sir, will you marry me?”

When you ask her dad for her hand in marriage, you’re basically proposing to her dad first


13. Actually, this makes so much sense

It would make way more sense if a bachelor party was something celebrated the night before a divorce instead of the night before a wedding


14. There are households with a 1998 expiration date on the box

A box of q-tips can last longer than a marriage


15. One knee is all the difference

A marriage proposal is only 1 knee away from begging.


16. Omg! I stan them!

Arranged Marriages Are Nothing More Than Parents Shipping Their Kids.


17. Have they tried Tinder?

Marriage is the most expensive way in the world to have sex for free


18. Both situations deserve a party, tbh

Divorce is retiring from marriage.


19. OK, this one got a “wow” out of us

You can refer to your wife as your ex girlfriend and still be right


20. So what you’re saying is marriage is gonna hurt no matter what??

A successful marriage ends with watching the other person die.


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