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Guys Are Sharing Things Women Think Are Attractive But Are Actually Turn-Offs

Dudes on Reddit are sharing things that women do in attempts to be sexy that they do not actually find attractive.

Thank god these guys finally have a place to talk about what they don’t find sexy about women.

Redditor u/AsianHawke asked the question:

“Fellas, what’s not as attractive or sexy as women think it is?”

The results are a mix of guys attempting to be funny and some actually decent points (believe it or not) which makes for a pretty entertaining read.

Enjoy the 26 most upvoted things men do not actually find as sexy as women might think.


“Flirting with my dad when trying to make me jealous.” –Serious-Wrongdoer999


“Baby voice. Just no.” –Lumpyalien


” When they take a human appearance over their natural ogre appearance looking at you, Fiona.” –mvdenk


“Hints. We’re not that smart. Just tell us.” –mjgibson92


“My current girlfriend would purposely bring conversations to a dead end to see if I would keep talking to her and bring up new topics. She was interested in me and was trying to find out if I was too by continuing to talk to her. However, it came off as she is not at all interested in me and did not want to continue talking to me. Please don’t do this to anyone ever.” –ScarilySmug


“Acting dumb.” –cnnispoison


“Intentionally difficult-to-read signals of interest. I don’t consider myself dumb at all, but I’m no genius either. If it feels like I’m trying to decode hieroglyphs with you, I’m probably gonna give up.” –Rakanadyo


“Putting other girls down. Gross.” –AL3XD18


“Don’t compare us to an ex, even if we have a bigger dick, you’re just building paranoia that were constantly being compared to someone else.” –nnahnhoj


“When they think being crazy is like a positive or attractive thing. Like “Yeah I punch my boyfriend if he doesn’t pay attention to me I’m quirky lol”. Like no you’re just toxic. Abuse isn’t funny when women do it, and I wish we’d quit normalizing it. Granted, we’re getting better. Like when Cardigan Backyardigan talked about how crazy she was like it was a joke and not an abusive relationship. Do unto others, man.” –Dookuwasaboss