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Woman Tweets About Being Married To Shorter Man And Now Others Are Shouting Out Their Short Kings

Height is a very touchy subject in the world of heterosexual dating. Dating apps have exacerbated what was once perhaps a less frequently spoken preference for tall men. Tall men are considered conventionally attractive in western culture for the most part, despite that many beautiful and wonderful fellas come in smaller sizes.

If you spend time swiping through Tinder, you’re going to see a lot of women stating that six feet is still their minimum, and a lot of dudes resentfully posting how tall they are “because apparently it matters.”

A woman named Lizz Adams recently posted about her husband on Twitter, writing, “Happily married to my 5’5” king for 8 years.

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That is a very harsh assessment of tall men…but is it unfair? Yes, of course it is. Being good or bad is not height conditional. Lots of people complained about Adams’ generalization:

But the privileges of being tall are still apparent in society and in the dating world for guys, which does make it seem harder to find an available/single tall guy. Are shorter men necessarily good? No, but they are overlooked. No pun intended.

People started replying with pictures of their own short kings, which are definitely very cute:

Look, as long as you’re happy, who cares how tall your lover is? And you definitely shouldn’t care how tall someone ELSE’S lover is. Especially not Lizz Adams, because she will come for you:

A queen defends her king.

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