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Viral TikTok Video Shows Woman Exposing Her Cheating Boyfriend

TikTok has become popular for people sharing personal content, dancing girls, and highly entertaining and dramatic nonsense — and we can file this story into that last category. In a recent TikTok upload, a woman exposes her boyfriend for cheating by actually filming and sharing his texts to other women. Yikes. 

The video of Autumn Moore unlocking her boyfriend’s phone and reading his texts to “Jason Work” went viral. 

In the video, which was viewed 3 million times and shared on other social platforms, you see the woman open her boyfriend’s phone as he sleeps—and he’s dead asleep for someone with such an epic secret—and go through the phone. The messages (all filled with heart emojis and “I love you” and “baby”) go way, way back and are extremely emotional, as if he weren’t just talking to someone else but actually dating them as well.

By the end of the video, she throws the phone at her sleeping boyfriend and the video stops. We wonder what he had to say about his “work” friend, “Jason.”

Good thing, Moore filmed her own “storytime,” which explains the whole messy ordeal in detail. She says only recently his phone had a lock to open. She claimed he was sexually abusive, manipulative, and that he’d take ‘long’ work trips. He also paid her bills so that she wouldn’t go to work. So that he would know where she was.

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Afterward, she left the psycho and even texted the woman, who ended up being her former coworker. (Hint: The coworker didn’t care). 

Twitter had a LOT to say about all of this. For one, some people were firmly against her going through his phon —a valid point…

…While others were like, “Go through the damn phone!”

But seriously, WTF? Thankfully she found out and could get out of there.

How did she remain calm for so long, they asked. A GOOD question.

Who wants to date a guy with an Android anyway?

And that contact name? *Pfff.*

We don’t condone violence, but people definitely thought the nails were the star of the show:

At least 98 people agree that “everybody cheats.” Yikes.

Here’s one way of looking at it, we guess?

We’re feeling like this sums everything up pretty well:

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