People Are Sharing Their Spouses’ Most Bizarre Habits—That They Only Found Out About After Moving In Together


My husband takes his shirt off to poop, I’m not sure why. —Zukazuk


He rips paper towels in half and saves the other half. I collected them, wrapped them up, and gave them to him for Christmas. Yes, we used the other half, I’m not a earth-killing savage. He gets out of the shower, struts into the room naked, and says, “OK, gotta go to work.” Like, weekly. It’s funny every time, I think that is the actual weird thing.—tattertittyhotdish


She’s afraid of the dark, not just like a random, dark, creepy, haunted-looking building but to the point where if she is alone she has to sleep with a night light or if the hallway is dark, she needs me to walk with her. —liveandlearn256


My boyfriend just moved in with me about a month ago and he cannot close a drawer to save his life, I swear every time he takes something out of a drawer he forgets that it doesn’t close on its own. —dumbest


When my wife and I first moved in together she had this ridiculous fear that someone would break into the apartment. So the front door was dead locked and the flimsy ass bedroom door was locked, every night. I got used to that, but the weirdest part was, as afraid as she was, she HAD to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. I’ll never understand that thought process.—MakroYianni


I honestly didn’t know people farted in their sleep. Not judging, don’t really care – I just didn’t know that until then. —Allisade


My husband cannot clean his ears without coughing. He is also extremely particular about q-tips. He keeps them in a sealed container and will not use the same one on both ears and will not use it if it’s touched anything outside of the q-tip box.—littleredhoodlum


Not married but been living with my boyfriend for a while now… We don’t have a dishwasher but on nights he cooks I clean and the nights I cook he cleans. Or he says he will. Then he leaves them for the next morning but he is lazy in the mornings and says he will do them after work. Then after work he is too tired and the cycle continues until we have a mountain of gross dishes that he SWEARS he will do and gets mad if I attempt to do them myself. JUST DO THE DISHES! —iwantthedee


My husband has no off switch. If I’m not listening, he just talks to himself. He has full on conversation in the shower. He pauses YouTube videos in the middle to give commentary. He’s pretty much only quiet when he sleeps, and then he snores! I love him to bits though. The house feels weird when he’s not here chattering away.—Nyteflame7


She can’t stay without the iPad. If she is coming from bedroom to living room she needs to carry iPad. If she is cooking, she needs the iPad. And the only thing she is doing is playing games. The moments she wake up in the morning she starts playing and after 10-15 min she will realize that her bladder is full and she should go to restroom, but that just the feeling. She will probably go to pee after 10 min more. Oh I forgot to mention that she can’t poop without the iPad, literally she can’t. If she needs to poop, she needs to carry iPad. I can’t remember a single day she went to poop in home without iPad. —schaud01