People Are Sharing Their Spouses’ Most Bizarre Habits—That They Only Found Out About After Moving In Together


When I start talking to her I will eventually have to repeat myself because her ears don’t turn on until halfway through the sentence. I need to start every sentence with getting her attention first. —ExcerptMusic


He blows his nose into his towel and then dries off with it. But I’m the crazy one for refusing to share a towel. He then ALWAYS hangs the towel over the shower curtain rod so I have to move his booger towel to shower. Sometimes boogies fall off into the tub and… Just yuck, dude. 11+ years of boogers.—DumpTruckTaco


I found out my husband, when he was 18, slept with a woman in her 40’s. If that wasn’t enough, he says “I was really drunk, but I think her husband may have been watching.” —thismomsazombie


My husband freaks out if he sees me plucking my eyebrows. Like, “OH MY GOD! How do you DO that to yourself!?” Every time. But he won’t look away when I do it. He’ll just cringe with each pluck. —mtmel


My ex had like the worst smelling belly button ever. She used come home after a long day of work and that thing would reak of rotten cheese and meat. No joke I could smell it across the room. —gil_beard


Found out my wife bites into her popsicles with her front teeth like a psychopath —timmyboi


He gets really obsessive about how the butter is scraped out of the container. He really goes for smooth lines, and gets visibly distressed if I just poke the knife into the butter and gouge out a bit. It’s actually cute to me, though, so I can’t complain. —swampmutt


He stands up to wipe his ass. —brandonisatwat


My husband eats finger foods with a fork. Pizza? Fork. Chicken nuggets? Fork. Fries? Fork.—bimlay


Wife will change clothes 3 times a day. Get up puts on her running around sweats, gets dressed for work, comes home changes into her casual clothes. Then fuss about how much laundry she has. I get up get dressed for work and I’m done, might change shirts if you go someplace after work.—Biostrike14

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