17 Funny Tweets About Relationships Your Man Definitely Isn’t Allowed To Laugh At

There are plenty of funny tweets about relationships, but some of the best ones are about the fights you get into. When you get into a fight with your man, it always goes down the same way.

You get pissed off, he gets pissed off that you’re pissed off, y’all go at it for a while, take a break, fight some more, and then he apologizes (or you break up).

Venting your anger and hashing it out is a cathartic, even healthy part of a long term relationship. Later (maybe MUCH later) you can look back on it and laugh.

If you don’t believe me just check out these funny tweets about relationships and fights. (Just don’t send them to your man or you might start one.)

1. There are tons of funny tweets about relationships, but some of the best are about fights. If you’ve ever been in a long term relationship, you know fights can start over almost anything.

2. Even fictional stories on television.

3. Or fictional stories in our own heads.

4. A lot of them are food related.

5. Like, A LOT of them.

6. And the fights that aren’t started by food can sometimes be ended by food.

7. Sometimes a relationship fight you start can even take YOU by surprise.

8. Sometimes you go looking for a fight and find one no matter what.

9. Then it’s ON.

10. The rules are never the same for both of you.

11. Except for the rule that you’re right and he’s wrong.

12. It’s cool, though. You know he’ll apologize…

13. …for EVERYTHING.

14. Because relationships are about compromise.

15. And that’s the end of it. Unless it’s not…

16. Because the fight ends when YOU SAY it ends.

17. And when it’s all over you’ll go back to your sweet self.