Just 19 Stupid Funny Notes Husbands And Boyfriends Left Their SOs

Men aren’t always the greatest at expressing their emotions. Unless you happen to be dating/married to some sort of wordsmith, getting a guy to tell you about his emotions can sometimes feel like pulling teeth.

Not these fellas, though. Here are 19 men who know exactly how they feel, and aren’t afraid to take pen to paper (or icing to Toaster Strudel…) about it.

1. This boyfriend, who made a double entendre out of a Toaster Strudel:


2. This husband, who found romance in a cereal box:

3. This husband, who has a helpful suggestion for his wife:

4. This boyfriend, who knows the importance of good gut health:

5. And this boyfriend, who found the baby tomato versions of him and his girlfriend:

6. This boyfriend, who is well aware that true love means giving up the last piece of bacon:

7. This husband, who knows his wife tendencies all too well…

8. And this husband, who knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to tape it on the fridge:

9. Annnd this husband, who knows the best accompaniment to a cup of coffee is a tasty compliment:

10. This husband, who serves his coffee with a side of motivation: