People Are Sharing Their Spouses’ Most Bizarre Habits—That They Only Found Out About After Moving In Together

You don’t really know someone until you live with them, and surprisingly, there are still somehow tons of people in 2019 who don’t live with the person they plan to marry until they’re actually married.

Hopefully, none of these people lived to regret this decision, but let’s face it: some—many— probably did. At the least, they learned some stuff after the lease was signed that they wish they had the chance to negotiate before things became official.

But some stuff you discover about your partner is kind of adorable, even if it is a bit weird. Redditor u/iamtanz asked, “Married couples, what is the weird thing you found out from your spouse after living together?” on r/AskReddit and there were hundreds of responses from folks who wished they learned a little more about their lover before sharing a bed. And kitchen. And toilet.

Unsurprisingly, many of the comments are hygiene-related. Scroll through and start your own list of things to figure out before tying the knot.



My wife makes sex noises while she sleeps. It’s super cute and very funny to me. I didn’t tell her about it until she went on a weekend trip with friends and she asked me about it after they said something. —SargeOsis


My wife brushes her teeth, goes pee. Comes to bed. We talk for 20 mins. She gets up, goes pee. We talk for 5 mins because she thought of something in the bathroom. I turn over, close my eyes to go to bed. I hear the toilet flush, and she gets back in bed. This repeats until she falls asleep provided that there’s been no more than 5 minutes since she last went pee. —Suuperdad


My wife is incapable of keeping track of small, important items (like her keys, wallet, or cell phone). If it can be lost, she WILL lose it, usually for several days. Even after ten years of marriage, I am still amazed at her ability to do this. —JXG_Art


HE EATS DEVILED EGGS WITH SUCH A FEROCITY. He will literally forget to take breaks in between eggs in order to breathe. … he’ll start f*cking sweating…My mother did not believe me so made some for him for Christmas and got to witness the horror first hand. For context he’s a pretty fit dude who eats most of his meals normally.—Pheorach


Occasionally my wife will sit straight up in bed, but she is dead asleep. The first couple times she did it I thought she was going to go to the bathroom or drink some water but she just sat there. I tried talking to her and when she didn’t respond I realized she was asleep. Horrifying.

I’m used to it now, so I just rub her back and quietly tell her “Lay down it’s time to sleep.” and she will lay back down. Apparently she reflexively punched her ex in the eye once because he didn’t realize she was asleep and he woke her up. Pass. Not getting punched by you beautiful creepy wife. Ah, love.—dandelion_w_i_n_e


Her shoes. Shoes in living room, shoes in the hall, shoes in the bathroom, shoes in the other bathroom, shoes under the kitchen table, shoes under the coffee table, shoes next to the coffee table, shoes in her trunk, shoes in my trunk. Shoes next to the bed, shoes under the bed, shoes on the bed. Shoes. —iHateMonkeysSObad


I’ve never noticed that a woman pees loud until I met my wife. It sounds like a water balloon just bursting over the toilet bowl. —Believe_Land


She likes to walk around the house with one sock on and one sock off. —jeff_the_nurse


He likes to slap his booty when he gets out of the shower. He has a certain beat that he keeps and it is so very loud. —Rachel348


I was friends with my husband for 16 years before we got engaged and moved in together……I found out that he insists on sleeping fully clothed. Not like….a T-shirt and pajama bottoms. In his friggin jeans, shirt, even shoes. —Rigelian417