Women Reveal What They Find Attractive About Men That Men Are Usually Insecure About (19 Posts)

Does your partner feel insecure about something that you absolutely adore? Are they shy about their love of comic books when you just love to see them get excited about the latest issue? Do they complain about their big nose when you think large schnozes are hot?

On Reddit, women are answering the question: what things that men find unattractive about themselves do you find very attractive?

Folks are feeling both enlightened and comforted by these stories of women praising everything from messy hair to embracing their feminine side to loving animals


“A goofy laugh. My late husband had a goofy laugh and I loved making him laugh just to hear it.” — daisy0723


“I feel like some dudes lack the confidence to wear certain things, or feel they’ll look stupid if they dress well. I’m a barista and we have a group of regular guys who come in. Once one of them was getting teased about wearing grey tailored trousers with a light grey plaid detail. The other guys asked what I thought of them, expecting me to join in, but I just said I thought he looked great and men should be encouraged to put in a little effort with their clothes.” — 89niamh


“When a guy acts really flustered and nervous around me, I think it is cute AF!” — lovely406


“You don’t have to have the body of a lifter or someone who works out a lot to be attractive. I noticed a lot of men feel bad about themselves if they don’t have that type of body.” — HitherFriendly


“I think a lot of guys think they have to be all smooth and flirty with women but I personally find the awkward, shy dorkiness super adorable and attractive!” – Ms-laughs-a-lot


“My boyfriend specifically becomes self-conscious over his excitement of his hobbies. His last relationship was toxic to the extreme and she would force him to feel bad for having hobbies outside of her and for having his attention elsewhere. It was to the point where he was apprehensive to even tell me what he was doing sometimes because he would worry that I would be mad at him for having a social life. But honestly I love it.” — metaphoricalasshole


“When they do anything ‘unmanly’ and are at peace with it (examples: wearing pink, singing in the car/shower, talking about their feelings, using body washes/shampoos that aren’t just the cheap generic ‘FOR MEN’ shit, wearing jewelry, fawning over plants or animals) It shows me that they are mature, comfortable with themselves, and don’t equate femininity with inferiority.” — boxdkittens


“Laugh lines and crow’s feet. Even when I notice them on men who are in their 30s, I find it very endearing.” — trailerparkdropout


“Admitting that they don’t know something. A big turn off for me is when a guy pretends they know about something because they think it will impress me or think I’ll look down on them for not knowing. It’s okay to admit you’re unfamiliar about something, and I truly appreciate the honesty behind that and find it incredibly refreshing.” — NaiadoftheSea


“Messy hair.” — destiel-is-cute