Women Reveal What They Find Attractive About Men That Men Are Usually Insecure About (19 Posts)


“My husband is somewhat of a quiet loner, who in school was never popular or well known. and idk why, but I love that. I love a man who isn’t the party dude or the loud and funny guy. I like intimate conversations and the inside jokes. quiet guys all the way.” — aguinnessgetsitslime


“I think guys with big/different noses look perfectly fine, nice even. Like a Roman nose looks hella good on men.” — seeker_313


“Shitty dancing. My bf is the dorkiest dancer I’ve ever seen. I like to say all 4 of his limbs have a different idea of what dance he’s doing. And I swear (over and over) that his dancing could cure my depression. He just goes for it. I can’t watch without the stupidest most love-filled grin on my face. After the amount of men that have turned me down to dance bc they ‘aren’t any good’ or just timidly go for a safe, one step, two step shuffle, it’s my favourite thing in the world to watch him get really into a song and flail about it.” — BlueLikeThunder


“I love men that are sensitive to animals. The ones that get cute and cuddly with kittens and are concerned for their well-being.” — annafroelein


“Gray hair…Especially when it’s all salt and pepperish.” — lady_luke_8892


Their singing! My husband usually screws around and sings in a silly, obnoxious voice and it bums me it. The rarity he just sings to sing along to a song he really likes, like you said, a song that makes him happy, it’s SO awesome!! — CatalinaCally


Being soft and submissive sometimes. I want a guy to feel protected when he’s with me as much as I want to feel protected by him. — 2confrontornot


Being a good person. If you have to one-up, or put down your friends….ew. You could be the hottest guy in the room by social standards, but if everything out of your mouth is rude and sarcastic…I am out. I will go after the sweet and kind guy every time. – sj0ls0n


Being short. I’m short so I enjoy actually being able to reach their faces. — chameleongirl25

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