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People Explaining What Their Tattoos Are Constantly Mistaken For Is Pretty Hilarious (11 Pics)

Lots of people get tattoos they regret, but not always for any reason they could have anticipated. You might fall out of love with the person whose name you tattoo on your chest or grow out of that tramp stamp phase. But what do you do when everyone keeps completely misinterpreting the image you picked?

A Twitter user named @chaz_robertson_ has suddenly discovered that their tattoo looks like a very famous cartoon character from a certain angle, and it’s too late to make a change. She shared pictures of it and the character, and wrote, “Someone just thought my tattoo was of mike from monsters inc what have i done ahahaha.”

She initially just shared a pic of her tattoo peeking out from her sleeve, and it shows webbed feet and the legs of a stool:

Which admittedly does resemble this little green guy:

But in a follow-up tweet, she revealed the whole tattoo, and it is indeed a frog. Perhaps Mike’s cousin?

I’m guessing that she is very unhappy with this mix-up, as anyone who isn’t a massive fan of Monsters, Inc. would be. She must now wear tank tops or long sleeves forever, or constantly have to show her bicep to every Mike Wazowski fan out there. There were a fair amount of them in the comments:

On the bright side, she’s not alone. A fair number of people have had the exact same issue, with people mistaking their tattoos for the wrong characters or images:

Or they just have tattoos that are straight-up illegible, which adds to the confusion:

Maybe to be safe in the future, everyone should wear their tattoo where they want it for a while, but in washable ink. That way you get all the comments from strangers that you’re likely to get and can decide which ones you can stand hearing for the rest of your life.

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