Woman Trolls Scammer So Hard They Ask Her To Stop Texting

It’s the 2020s, and most of us know a basic scam when we see one.

A random text from an unknown number? Saying it’s an emergency? Wanting money?

I guess it must still work somewhere, but not with anyone who has been spending any time online lately. People love messing with these scammers, to the point that the scammers themselves seem pretty annoyed to have their time wasted.

Blogger Amber Says pissed her scammer off to no end after they contacted her and pretended to be her neighbor, Jeff.

She posted the convo to her Facebook page. I don’t know if Jeff or any of the characters in this story are real, but it definitely felt like I was on the block, getting to know everyone’s business and potato salad.

“Hello it is your neighbor with some car trouble can you assist me,” the scammer texts to start everything off.

“My neighbor?” Amber asks.

“I am experiencing car trouble and left my wallet mistakingly at home,” they reply. What a script!

“Is this Jeff?” Amber asks. When they confirm it is, the fun begins.

All the scammer wants is $50, which isn’t all that much for a scammer. Whoever they are, their market is small potatoes. They try to get Amber to send the money to the number they’re texting from via Apple Pay as she forces them to talk to her about a weekend BBQ and some nasty talk about Carol’s store-bought pie.

They’re happy to agree with whatever she says as long as she opens her wallet:

Finally, the scammer seems to realize they’re being messed with:

And they’re mad about it! “DON’T respond anymore,” they write, seemingly aware that Amber does not plan to send any amount of money at all.

The audacity to be mad at someone who you’re trying to steal money from for wasting your texting time. Especially when you can just block them. Scammers need a new gig.

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