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A Scammer Pretended To Be His Grandma So This Guy Trolled Him Right Back

A call or a text from a random number is rarely a good thing these days. At best it’s just a wrong number or spam message but often it’s something more nefarious: scammers trying to trick the gullible into giving away their money under false pretenses. 

These scams are famous at this point and normally easy to spot, but they still manage to find innocent victims or they wouldn’t keep happening. Often the scammer pretends to be a lawyer representing a fabulous inheritance, a long-lost relative, or, in this case, the person’s own grandmother. 

When Reddit user Barelyonhere got a scam text from someone claiming to be his grandma he decided to turn the tables by playing along for a while and wasting the scam artist’s time. 

Barelyonhere shared his adventure in counter-scamming by posting a screenshot of the conversation on Reddit with the caption “Guy from Nigeria pretended to be my grandma. I had some fun.”


First, he teased the scammer with the promise of a credit card number.

Then he inquired about her health like a good grandson. Alarmingly, Gran didn’t immediately reply.

R.I.P. Granny…WAIT she’s ALIVE! And she wants…a $200 Steam gift card..!?

Steam is a video game distribution platform. It would seem Granny is a gamer. Weird, but Barelyonhere kept playing along.


In fact he was happy to pick up anything that she wanted at Walmart! However she didn’t want anything else but was weirdly insistent on the gift card. A grandma who doesn’t want any dry goods or sundries from the Walmart? This was getting fishy indeed.


The scammer asked for a picture of the gift card, presumably so he/she could steal the code. That’s when Barelyonhere dropped the hammer.


He revealed to the scammer that he was in on the trick, sharing a nice photo of himself with his actual grandma and a note that read “You’re an idiot. This was obviously fake.”

Amazingly even the scammer appreciated his excellent trolling and simply responded: “Nice one.”

For once a good time was had by all!

h/t: Bored Panda

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