Airbnb Host Tells Guest To Ignore Airbnb’s Messages Urging Them To Check Out Immediately

Renting an Airbnb is always a gamble, but it’s not often you’re asked to check out after spending only one night at the house. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to TikToker _spookytooth.

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Casper normally posts makeup and tattoo-related videos as she is a manager at a tattoo shop, but she’s recently caught the attention of TikTokers for her Airbnb experience while on vacation in the Philly area.

She and her boyfriend rented “a room in a large home that the hoist also lived inside of and was home the entire time.” through Airbnb,  but shortly after checking in, they were asked to leave immediately.

After spending one night at the house, the woman was urged by Airbnb to leave ASAP without telling the host

TikTok | @_spookytooth

They checked in in the evening, and overnight Airbnb sent a message urging them to check out ASAP without talking to the host. Meanwhile, they received messages from the Airbnb host telling them to ignore potential messages from Airbnb.

They slept through the messages but received a call from Airbnb at 7 in the morning, which they also missed. When they finally awoke, they noticed all of the missed calls and messages from Airbnb, the couple started panicking.

TikTok | @_spookytooth

Airbnb contacted me and told me to immediately leave my Airbnb without telling the host. On Thursday we checked in at an Airbnb at 7 pm.

We fell asleep shortly thereafter and got a phone call at 7 am. I was asleep so my boyfriend did not answer this phone call. Around 9 am we checked our Airbnb website messages. And we got messages from Airbnb telling us to check out immediately.

The host does not know about this situation and they will not know until we leave and to contact Airbnb as soon as we get out of there. I had no idea what was going on.

So we just packed our stuff and got out of there. Ask questions later. After we left the Airbnb, I saw a message from our host at 10 pm saying if we got any suspicious or weird messages from Airbnb to just discard them.

Later we went and we were grabbing some coffee after we left the Airbnb and the host gave us a call. He didn’t even know we left. Someone had actually sent him my original video.

And he told us on the phone that allegedly a previous Airbnb guest the other day had told Airbnb some very dangerous and inaccurate things about his Airbnb.

So I don’t know exactly what happened because Airbnb will not tell us any specifics. They only told us that our host had violated the Terms of Service and guidelines in Airbnb’s policy.

I have no idea what happens. We only know what the host told us. But it was scary. And now we’re at a nice hotel so it worked out. So thanks Airbnb for this super sick hotel room.

On the bright side, Airbnb gave her a full refund and paid for a hotel hotel room

TikTok | @_spookytooth

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