TikToker Calls Out Airbnb Hosts For Asking Guests To Do Chores In Addition To Cleaning Fees

Ahhh Airbnb. It’s just like a hotel…but with chores. 

Airbnb used to be a reasonable alternative to hotels when traveling because the space, privacy, and full kitchen at your disposal can help you save money on food. Especially if you’re traveling with a group. 

Lately, things have changed. Prices keep going up, and the list of responsibilities for the guests is getting a little out of hand. As many Airbnb guests are pointing out just how long the “chores lists” have gotten.

TikToker @Melworeit pointed out just how ridiculous this trend has gotten.

@melworeit$700 for two nights ≠ no chores lol♬ original sound – Mel | Sustainable Style

She was planning a vacation with huer husband and while browsing places she discovered a place available for $700 after fees and taxes for only 2 nights.

Then she was surprised to see the host expects guests to complete quite a list of chores upon checkout.

She says, “OK rant incoming. Where do Airbnb owners get the audacity? So I’m just doing some research for a little mini vacation my husband and I want to take at the end of February. Found this place that I liked that’s within our price range.”

She went on to say, “It does have a $125 cleaning fee, as most Airbnbs do, and I don’t have a problem with that. But this is what I do have a problem with.”

 “So, in addition to that $125 cleaning fee, we ask that you remove garbage. Fine. Start the dishwasher and a load of laundry.”

She then switches the camera’s focus back to her face. “Now, maybe this is like entitlement or privilege talking. However, if I’m paying $229 a night to stay somewhere, plus $125 cleaning fee, I’m not doing any f–king laundry. Full stop. I know it’s, like, one load of laundry, it’ll take me two minutes to do, but the principle of it really bothers me.”

Other TikTokers also chimed in to express their frustrations with Airbnb hosts.

“There was a brief period of time Airbnbs was easy, affordable, and fun. That time is over. I’ve just been hoteling it,” wrote one user.

“They act like they’re lending you the house as a favor,” said another.

This has been something people have discussed for a while. This Reddit post from 2019 also has a problem with it. The Redditor says, “This one I’m in is ridiculous. It’s the basic — strip beds, wash dishes, tidy up — but also wash bedding and towels and hang to dry, clean counters and dust surfaces, sweep floors, spray down tub, and more. Oh, and check out is 9 a.m.”

“Oh, and this place tells me I cannot eat Indian or Chinese food while staying here. Now, I get not wanting food out of the kitchen or dining area but decided I can’t eat something specific because it “smells’ and then wanting me to pretty much clean the entire place. Uh, no. How are you going to police what people eat?”

More recently, another Redditor claimed their host included mowing the lawn on their chores list.


Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at natecomedy.com.