Crying Waitress Laments On Tiktok After Being Forced To Tip Out The Cooks, Left With Only $15

Tipping culture has a lot of problems. On one hand, it’s nice to be able to tip someone for excellent service, but on the other hand, working a job that pays almost nothing so you NEED the tips is ridiculous. The customer isn’t always right, in fact, they are often wrong and also stupid. 

So, before you mock this young lady for crying and complaining about making only $15 in tips, think about what it took to make any money at all.

TikToker @__heylee_ recently went viral for posting a video about a tough experience with tipping culture. She asked the internet if it was fair to have her tip out the cooks at the end of her shift.

“You guys wanna hear something messed up? All right”

“I work as a waitress and when I first started there we tipped out the cooks 10% of whatever we made.”

“Or a little bit more if we made more, you know, whatever. And so, lately, they haven’t been really happy with the amount that I’ve been tipping out ’cause it’s been a small amount. I only work like two or three hours a day”

“I don’t make that much money. So my boss made it mandatory to tip them out 25 on the weekdays and 40 on the weekends.”

“So now it’s Saturday and I only worked two hours and it was slow. So they sent me home early and she still expected me to pay out 40 bucks, but that’s like the exact amount of tips that I made. And so I went to her and I told her about it.”

“She made me tip 25 and I only went home with 15. Do you guys think that’s fair?”

I’ve been a server before and have worked jobs where I’ve had to pay out the cooks and bartender. It’s not ideal, but it is a thing. However, this was at a place where we were raking in big money. Everyone still got paid fair. If I went home with $15 after a full shift I’d cry too.

The comments were mostly in support

Should this be illegal? Is it illegal where you’re from? What do you think about tipping culture in general? Let us know in the comments.

Watch the Tiktok for yourself here:


The other waitresses work 8 hour days from open – close and make way more money so of course they can tip out $25 on the week days and $40 on the weekends. But I come in later and I’m always put in the section that doesn’t get a lot of business because it’s for overflow. I feel like I’m being treated unfairly and the other waitresses just say “we don’t make that much more than you do, and we still have to tip out”. What do you guys think? #waitressing #waitressproblems #serverlife #foryou #whatdoyouthink #comment #like #share #boost #treatedunfairly

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