Server Admits She Lies About Having Children To Get More Tips

A restaurant waitress went viral for admitting shelied about having kids to customers to get better tips. After experiencing a table with messy children, TikTok user Diedre (ddeirdreee) decided to pull a fast one on the parents. When the kids left a bunch of spilled drinks at the table, Diedre sympathized with the parents through a lie. In her now-viral clip, she said, “For some reason, instead of saying my usual, ‘Oh, that’s OK, I’ll clean it up,’ I said, ‘That’s OK, I have little ones at home.’”

server lies about having kids
ddeirdreee via TikTok

The parents asked how old Deirdre’s kids were, and she lied again, saying she had a two-year-old and a four-year-old. To spice things up, she threw in a” they [are] really cute” but “don’t understand that you can’t be pouring stuff all over the place.” The TikToker claimed that when the customers left the restaurant, they left her “such a good tip.”

This server’s lie about having kids took off on the platform, bringing out other actors in the service industry.

Diedre concluded her video by saying she tested her new strategy for the remainder of the day. Turns out, it worked! She said, “I did that all day, and my tips were so much higher than they usually are. For the record, I’m 22, and I do not have children.”

This isn’t the first time servers have figured out ways to rack in better tips. One waitress on TikTok found that wearing her hair in pigtails brought in an exponential amount of money. Another found out that using military discounts usually got her higher tips as well.

Viewers in the comment section had some advice to share with the server. Looking at their responses, it’s no wonder that most actors were servers before they got their start.

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viral tiktok waitress
server lies about having kids
server lies about having kids
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viral tiktok waitress children
server lies about having kids

Have you ever been a server having to lie about having kids? One time I was serving and told a table who was really rude that I had just been evicted. Needless to say, the tip was amazing. We’d love to hear your stories, so don’t hesitate to reach out!