Comedian Shuts Down Sexist Tinder Match In Viral Video

Tinder is a minefield: Sometimes there are duds…

Sometimes you get a little lucky…

And sometimes things blow up in your face…

New Zealand comedian Melanie Bracewell isn’t having a ton of luck on Tinder. 

Melanie Bracewell/Instagram

Bracewell, who is famous for playing New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, recently posted a video to TikTok that has now gone viral.

Melanie Bracewell/Instagram

In the video, Bracewell shows her message exchange with a potential date that doesn’t really go super successfully.


It’s good to be back

♬ original sound – Melanie Bracewell

“I’m back on Tinder and I’m not handling it well,” Bracewell says as the video starts. 
She shows a text exchange between herself and a potential date in which the date “compliments” her on her sense of humor, saying “for a woman, you’re pretty funny.” 

Yeah, now. Bracewell wasn’t having any of that sexism. 

“I replied a bit strongly,” she said, showing what she wrote: “Shut the f*** up b****.” 

In another video, Bracewell shared a message she received from a stranger who had a specific request: “How much to buy your feet pics?”


“1 million dollars,” Bracewell said, which is fair. The person agreed. 

“I didn’t expect this to happen…very romantic opening line, I just threw a figure out there. Um…” 

Better luck next time? 

Lead image: TikTok

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