Restaurant Server Rants About 15-Top “Table From Hell” In Viral TikTok

A server based in New York City, who is known for his complaints about rude restaurant customers, recently shared a story of a group of 15 people who arrived at his restaurant just before closing time, and surprisingly, the manager agreed to serve them.

Dean Redmond (@deanredmonds) informed his audience that approximately half of the group was made up of children, and they were a challenge to serve from beginning to end.

He mentioned that the group was not prepared to place their order until well after the closing time, stating, “It’s literally 4:30 and we closed at 4 o’clock.”

When the server brought the drinks to the table, a few of the children accidentally spilled their drinks all over the table.

One of the women at the table reportedly stated that they usually receive child-sized cups for the kids, even though no one asked for them.

Furthermore, the group was in complete disarray, talking over one another while placing their orders, making it difficult for Dean to perform his job efficiently. This caused him to lose focus and he had to go back to the table multiple times for clarifications, resulting in additional changes to the orders.

“This happens three times in a row to three of the different people sitting there,” Redmond said. “I have to go and grab the menus because they can’t make a decision on the spot.”

Two members of the group who had initially ordered breakfast items decided to change their orders to chicken sandwiches, which puzzled the server.

He jokingly commented that he couldn’t understand how someone could desire breakfast food, and then suddenly change their order to a chicken sandwich.

When the food finally arrived, the group was uncooperative to the point of being unhelpful.

They refused to answer when Dean asked who ordered what and one entitled woman even referred to him as “the help”, which understandably offended him.

The chaos didn’t end there for Dean with this difficult table – one of the women who ordered a chicken sandwich claimed that she was going to be poisoned after discovering what she thought was a hair in her sandwich.

However, the kitchen confirmed that it came from the avocado pulp, not a human head. But she refused to believe them and allegedly said, “I have made a million guacamole things in my life and I have never seen that.”

The manager who had initially agreed to seat the party was eventually brought into the situation, and the cost of the sandwich was removed from the final bill.

To add insult to injury, the group left a review that Dean stated was the “worst review [he’s] ever encountered in [his] entire life.”

Other TikTok users shared their sympathy with Dean over the situation, with one commenting, “I would’ve told the manager to take the table since they wanted it so bad and I would be out the door.”

Others stated that they would have walked out immediately upon being referred to as “the help.”

“My anger issues could never I literally walked out of my serving job because a woman screamed at me about her desert when I wasn’t her server,” stated a third.


You Can View The Full Rant About Rude Restaurant Customers Here:


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