‘And that is how you knock out two birds with one stone!’ — Target Customer Bypasses Long Line By Checking Out At In-Store Starbucks

A TikTok user by the name of Camo (camocamille) let us in on a little Target store hack for when the checkout lines are ridiculously long: checking out at the in-store Starbucks counter. The viral video took off with viewers complaining about revealing this underground secret to the general public, while others boasted about how they had been doing this for years.

Target can get very busy, especially around the holidays. Target lines can get even busier, with customers stacked up for yards waiting to get the items in their Target baskets in bags and out the doors.

camocamille via TikTok

In the TikTok, Camo showed a clip of an outrageously long check-out line for the regular cashiers. Cutting to their face, they said “One thing about me b*tch, I’m not gonna wait.” They then panned to the significantly less packed in-store Starbucks line continuing, “That’s more like it.”

The TikTok showing the in-store Starbucks checkout hack accumulated more than 1 million views and 243k likes.


Otherwise I’m putting everything back 😅#lifehack

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Camo checked out their milk and a few other items at the Starbucks counter, adding in a coffee to go along with it. They concluded their video saying, “And that is how you knock out two birds with one stone.”

According to commenters, it depends on the Target location whether or not the Starbucks employees will take the time to check out your items or not. One user brought this take to light.

According to other comments, this hack doesn’t just work at the Starbucks counter, as you can sometimes also check out items at the electronics desk. Furthermore, other stores such as Kohls and CVS will also occasionally let an action like this slide, once again depending on how busy they are.

Camo noted in an interview with DailyDot, “I think in all my years there was only one instance where I was told no to the jewelry counter till I kindly said ‘oh no worries, I guess I’ll leave this all behind,’” she recalled. “They rang me up after all.”

Other viewers spoke out against the video, claiming that now Karen’s with basket-full carts were going to be pulling up to the Starbucks line and inhibiting access to those who simply wanted a coffee or food.

Viewers who had attempted to gatekeep this practice rallied against the video.

What are your thoughts on using alternative check-out counters to pay out at department stores such as Target? Let us know!