Students Find Science Teacher’s OnlyFans Account And, Naturally, She’s Flooded With Requests

If you’re running an OnlyFans account, getting as many new followers as you can is usually the goal but not if you’re a teacher and your students who have recently discovered your account are the ones trying to follow you.

Sofia Coste, a 28-year-old teacher from Spain had started creating content on her OnlyFans six months prior as an additional income stream, never anticipating the immense following she’d amass.


Sofia says she attempted to keep her OnlyFans account hidden but soon realized that her students had been viewing her content.

“Some of my videos went viral and I realized that my students had seen me,” she revealed to This led to some rather uncomfortable situations in the classroom.

Despite the discomfort, Sofia’s transparency about her side gig on TikTok garnered her a massive 296,000 followers comprising both students and parents. Her online popularity mirrored her real-life experience, with students eager to be taught by her.

Addressing the experience, Sofia remarked, “My students were surprised. But perhaps due to their youth or progressive mindset, they didn’t judge me but rather chose to understand or accept my choices.”

However, professionalism always remained Sofia’s priority. “Some of my students would raise the topic in class, and while I couldn’t scold them for their curiosity, I ensured I responded aptly and quickly reverted to the lesson,” she said.

Sofia’s venture into OnlyFans was driven by the need for additional finances after having taught for over six years. On the recommendation of a friend, she signed up for OnlyFans, little knowing it would catapult her into the spotlight.

Her newfound fame hasn’t been without its challenges. Sofia shared, “In my school, there’s a lot of chatter about me, and not always in a positive light.” The buzz has revolved around whether students want to be a part of her class. “But ultimately, those decisions aren’t mine to make. The school has set regulations, and I don’t have the authority to accept or decline student requests,” Sofia added.

Many students, upon discovering their teacher’s online presence, were keen to attend her classes in person. Commenting on the sudden surge of interest, Sofia said, “I’ve had numerous requests, but I don’t keep a tally. My goal is to approach everyone with kindness, regardless of their reasons.”

Sofia’s TikTok content often integrates her role as a teacher, further enhancing her viewer base. One of her clips humorously titled, “What my students see when I drop a pen”, secured a whopping 493,000 views and 47,000 likes.

Numerous fans, like Keith and Ismael, expressed their playful desire to join her class. “Why haven’t I ever had a teacher like this?” mused another viewer.

As the line between personal and professional lives continues to blur in the digital age, Sofia’s story is a testament to the challenges and opportunities the digital world presents.