TikTok Star Asks People Driving Expensive Cars What Their Jobs Are And It’s Wild

How do rich people get rich? Many won’t admit that it started with a hefty loan or gift from their super-rich parents. A few do work for it, but even work generally requires some sort of luck or capital injection at some point. Not many people can work hard enough to casually drive around a Ferrari as their second car.

TikTok star Daniel McDonald has hit on a very simple premise to expose rich people. They don’t seem to mind being exposed, but maybe they should. McDonald just approaches really high-end luxury cars and asks the drivers what they do for a living. Most of them seem perfectly willing to answer, though it’s not clear if they realize why they’re being asked.

This one might be my favorite because it has one guy straight-up admitting he sells drugs:


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But a lot of people work in “private equity,” are retired, or own multiple companies, often in the medical industry:


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Though one of these guys admits that he just has a rich father-in-law and another says he’s a valet (LOL):


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One of the TikToks went super-viral on Twitter because it seemed like people thought the folks in their fancy cars were flexing on McDonald:


This guy says he does nothing, then “investments”:

“I’m married.”


This guys says he quit, but not what:

“Medical clinics.”

Basically, if you’re looking for the path to success, find a way to do nothing while your money makes money, or somehow involve yourself with the medical industry. Or do nothing because you’re already rich!

I will say that it doesn’t seem like McDonald is being particularly judgmental of any of these people, and he frequently thanks the people who answer for their honesty. You can either take this TikToks as a condemnation of the parasitically wealthy or as financial inspiration, viewer’s choice.

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