7 Disgusting Dangers Lurking in Hotels, According To Former Hotel Worker

People are gross. And we’re only grosser when we stay in hotels. When we’re holed up in a private space that we’re vacating the next morning — especially if we’ve imbibed in a few of those tempting airplane bottles sitting in the corner — then people assume carte blanche in redecorating that space with all sorts of bodily fluids.

Maids can do their best to scrub away the human slop. But they have so many rooms to clean — and only so much time before the next guest arrives. As such, most cleanliness is purely cosmetic — just enough to make things look pristine when you enter. Any given hotel room is coated in all manner of invisible horrors. Run a blacklight over the floors, the ice bucket, the coffee maker, and it instantly transforms into a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.

Angela Riihiluoma, who used to do marketing for hotels, is revealing the invisible horrors lurking in hotel rooms

Former hotel marketer Angela Riihiluoma (@angelariihiluoma) knows all about the disgusting shit hiding under the surface of the hotel industry (well, not so much “under the surface” as “covering every surface.”) And she took to TikTok to share 7 things you need to avoid when you book a stay.

Avoid coffee makers like the plague (because they are probably literally covered in plague)

“Never ever, ever, ever, ever use the coffee machine in a hotel room,” she said.

“Why Angela, you may ask, why ever don’t? Because apparently, some people like to use it as a urinal. So I don’t care how addicted you are to coffee. Don’t touch the coffeemaker.”

Next on the list of untouchables: glasses.

“Do not use the glasses that they put in the bathroom,” she added. “You know, like, the really nice glass glasses. Apparently, housekeepers only have so much time to turn the room and so more often than not, they’re just wiping them with Windex. They won’t even wash them.”

Commenters were understandably horrified and chimed in with their own knowledge of hotel biohazards


Watch Angela’s full first video here:


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♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Her first video was so popular, Angela decided to expose even more dirty hotel secrets

In the equally upsetting sequel, Angela gave us two more things to avoid: ice buckets and the very floor you walk on. 


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♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The trilogy concludes with a final round of nauseating hotel facts


Forewarned is forearmed! #IDeserveTuitionContest #ZFlipClackdown #hotelroom #hoteltok #cleantok #traveltiktok #hotelcleaning #travel

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Her viewers said “You missed a spot” and offered up even more vile hotel items

In conclusion, don’t touch *checks notes* anything in a hotel room. Got it.

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